Wow, You’ve Lost Weight!

imageThere are a lot of people that love to hear these words. They put a lot of effort and time into losing weight and getting into shape, and for them, the ultimate affirmation and validation is for someone to take notice and say “Wow, you’ve lost weight!” For me, this is not the case. Since leaving Nyack for the summer break in May I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, but I did not even notice for myself until every other person who saw me said something about how much thinner I look. Most of the time my response is to tell them that I wasn’t trying to lose weight. For those of you reading this and wondering what my secret is, I wish I could tell you something profound that would make getting and staying in shape easy. All I did was eat right and run a lot. I think I look a bit too skinny, but I feel the best that I have ever felt.

CTA button for Blog UGI have been working in a medical office for a few months now, and complications resulting from unhealthy eating and lack of exercise make up a large portion of the problems that our office encounters. To be honest, it makes me fear for my own future. Anyone who has known me long enough and well enough to have eaten a meal with me knows how much and how often I can eat. With my previous eating habits I should logically be very overweight, but because I am an active, young person with a fast metabolism I have always been in good-enough shape. But from what my elders tell me, when you become a certain age your metabolism slows down and your unhealthy habits catch up with you. I decided to be proactive instead of reactive; instead of trying to fix my habits after they become a serious problem, I am changing them before they start to have detrimental effects.

I could not tell you how much weight I’ve lost since I changed my unhealthy habits. I didn’t keep track of what I weighed before hand, and I don’t keep track of it now. In my opinion, the scale is the wrong place to go to judge your progress. Your health and well being is much more than a number. What has worked wonderfully for me is to judge my progress by how I look and how I feel. If you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, don’t do it to reach a number on a scale. Do it to improve your enjoyment of life, to reduce stress, and to lengthen your future.

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I'm a Junior at Nyack College studying Bible and Theology. I love Jesus, which is why I want to be a Bible professor; my goal is to learn as much as I can about Him and teach others what I learn. My favorite teams are the Mets, Celtics, and Cowboys (don't hate me New Yorkers!). I also enjoy playing guitar and reading. Connect with Pierce on Google+
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