Worlds Collide

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The sign for my hometown, and my youth group’s Sunday school class.

This weekend, I realized that I find myself in love with several worlds. I grew up in the world of south eastern Pennsylvania, and I love coming back home to the farms and charms that have stolen my heart. I went off to college and fell in love with the world of the Hudson river and the community of believers who make up Nyack College. Over the summer, I invested in a youth group and church body that I grew to love and believe in. I’ve spent my entire college career thus far experiencing one world at a time. School, home, church, home, school. Hating to leave one, and loving reuniting with the next. This weekend, however, my worlds collided.

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My lovely friends babysitting my boss’s lovely children.

Late Friday night, my friends and I packed up our bags, hopped in the car, and drove to Pennsylvania. That night and the next, we crashed at my house. Let me tell you, it was the best feeling ever to have all the people I loved in one place. Usually when I visit home, I miss my friends from school, and when I return to school, I miss my family at home. It was great to experience a relaxing weekend at home, and have my school friends be a part of it! On top of that, we got to babysit my boss’ kids in the church that I work at, and go out to lunch with him afterwards. Finally, on Saturday night, my friends and I worked together to write a Sunday school lesson that I would teach to the youth group the following morning.

Talk about worlds colliding. What I realized about these three places that I am so in love with, is that they each contain Godly people who love on me relentlessly. At home, I have parents who love and support me; at school, I have friends who laugh with me and challenge me; and at church, I have a body of believers who are intentional about keeping me accountable. But recently, God has been teaching me a lot about His love and because He loves us so much, we need to love others (1 John 4:7-11). At home, I can practice love through respecting my parents; at school, I learn to be a servant to my peers; and at church, I have a whole youth group of kids who are just thirsting for someone to love on them. Loving people isn’t just a command, it’s also a blessing. Recently, I heard it said that the way to correctly respond to God’s love in your life is to let it run through you, into the lives of other people. And there’s no greater blessing, than the joy that comes with letting God’s love run rampant among the people and the worlds that you love.

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