One ATS Student Says Simply: I am…

This is who I am...As you might have figured out by my profile, my name is Madelyn Badillo, and I am a current student of Nyack College, Alliance Theological Seminary in New York. But for the sake of being more than just words on a site, you can call me  Maddy, as most of my wonderful friends, and family members do.

When asked to write about myself, as most of you probably would have been, I was stuck. I can talk about a hundred other things, but to talk about Madelyn, er I mean Maddy, and who she’s become on her journey in Nyack and ATS, is a bit more difficult. I like all of you, am a bit complex, there are layers and layers of things you can get to know about me. But for the sake of word space and time for now I will share briefly, what makes me the unique woman and seminary, Masters of Divinity student that I am.

In March of 2008 my life was radically transformed, when in the living room of my home, I once and for all made the decision to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord. Prior to this pivotal moment in my life, I was heavily involved in a lifestyle of gangs, drugs, abusive relationships and steadily pursuing the American dream of wealth, power and fame. All of these led me down a terrible path of destruction that culminated with me making a decision between life and death that changed everything. Seven months later at 21 years old, I found myself as a freshman in New York’s Christian College, NYACK College. The next 4 years of my life were perhaps some of the most difficult, yet best years of my life.

After leaving the gang, being set free from an addiction to weed, and finally ending a 5 year abusive relationship, I had NO idea who I was, I had no sense of worth, direction or security. I learned through many tears, failed attempts, laughs and victories throughout my years at Nyack, who it is that God says I am…

I am deeply loved.                                          My journey has taken me places I would have never imagined. Omw to JFK; going to Israel w:ATS.

I believed I wasn’t good enough but truth is…              I am a daughter.

I was a slave to lies, fears and my past but now …       I am free.

I stood alone, but today…                                                  I am a friend.

I constantly felt empty, yet I find that…                          I am whole.

I thought grace could never find me but truth is…        I am forgiven and forgiving.

My emotions made me weak, but truth is…                    I am strong.

I was full of fear but today…                                              I am courageous.

I cared about only myself, yet now…                              I have a heart of gold.

I was fearful but I have found that…                              I am secure.

I wore a mask and today…                                                I am real.

I felt so unloved but I discovered that…                         I am the reason God smiles.

I had no idea who I was but I know now that…     I am Maddy, I am Madelyn.

I felt alone, but honestly…                                          I am just like YOU.

I am a 25-year-old woman, on a deep journey of self-discovery, who happens to have found bits of herself through her community here, on this amazing campus. I welcome you into my journey and invite you to stick around to discover alongside me, what God has up his sleeve next.

Maddy Badillo

About Maddy Badillo

27 -year-old crazy seminarian, on an intense journey with God.
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  1. Melissa says:

    As a travel writer, I know the power of the “journey”. The poetic ending of this post is beautiful and really drives home the fact that while we are different, in fact, we are the same.

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