Why She Said: “God Led Me to Nyack”

At Nyack College, not only am I a student, but I also work as a consultant in the Writing Center and serve as the President of the Student Government Association. With all those positions comes the opportunity to meet a lot of students and hear their stories. After listening to so many of these stories, I began to see a common theme.

CTA button for Blog UGA few days ago I was working with a student in the Writing Center. We were talking about the upcoming semester and registering for classes and such, when in the middle of the conversation she says, “…but I know that everything will be ok because I’m supposed to be here. God led me to Nyack.”

I was a little surprised to hear her say that, not because I’d never heard that before, but because it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it.

Or the second. Or the third.

Let’s just say that if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that phrase, I’d probably have enough to pay off my tuition.

Geziell Nash (right), shown here performing at Nyack's Got Talent, firmly believes that God led her to Nyack College.

Geziell Nash (right), shown here performing at Nyack’s Got Talent, firmly believes that God led her to Nyack College.

To some that phrase might just sound like more Christian jargon, but as one who can attest to its truth, it is a powerful statement that speaks volumes about our God and about our school. Isn’t it amazing that our God cares enough about us to get involved with the personal aspects of our lives, including our choice of school? How awesome is it that He leads us out of the mess we’re in into bigger and better places? And how cool must our school be if even the God of the universe recommends it?

And that’s exactly why I love Nyack: God is here. God leads our students to Nyack and He leads them through Nyack. He leads our professors as they teach, our administration as they make decisions for our school, and even our housekeeping staff, who I’ve witnessed praying and studying the Word before beginning their work day. Jesus cannot be escaped at Nyack and He is ever welcome.

I get excited every time I hear a student say “God led me to Nyack.” It tells me that something exciting is about to happen in their lives, all through divine appointment. It tells me that God is allowing Nyack to be a catalyst in students’ lives, giving them not just academic training but a life changing experience as well. It tells me that for our students, an adventure is about to begin, all at Nyack College.

Tryphena Ramcharitar

About Tryphena Ramcharitar

I'm a 22 year old girl on a never ending adventure with my God. I'm a senior at the Nyack College Manhattan Campus where I major in psychology, work in the Writing Center, and serve as President of the Student Government Association. On the rare occasion that I'm not in school, I love to play the drums, play video games, serve in the drama team at my church, and hang out with friends and family.
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