Why I Joined the Program: Woman

A guest post by Emmaline Kempf, Senior at Nyack College, School of Music

Two years ago Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah asked me to participate in her program called Woman for that coming year. Unfortunately I was only a sophomore that year and the program was only designed for seniors. But I knew that it was something I wanted to do my senior year here at Nyack College.

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Now I am a senior participating in the Woman program and I am so grateful for this experience! The outline of the program studies different aspects in a woman’s relationship with God, herself, others, and nature in growing through a journey of womanhood and calling herself a woman. Each woman in the group is required to have a mentor. Their mentor is there to actively push each woman to spiritual growth and discuss topics from the meetings and Dr. Davis Abdallah’s Book of Womanhod, and help the woman that they are mentoring to talk and work through struggles in her life. This has proved to be a big part in the aspect of spiritual growth and healing in my life.

In our monthly meetings we discuss what we read in The Book of Womanhood that month and get fed more deeply on these topics. The CTA button for Blog UGatmosphere is always comforting, knowing that all of the women are there for the same purpose, ready to open up and be blessed. We are always served tea and chocolate, which no one would ever turn down. The meetings often bring us to a point of sharing our struggles and successes on the topics we discuss. Then the leaders and the rest of the woman participants pray for us and bless us in these areas.

View More: http://andresvalenzuela.pass.us/woman2014Throughout the semester we are challenged with various assignments. During each month we meet with two other participants, get to know each other, and discuss questions in The Book of Womanhood, and meet with our mentors bi-weekly. We are presented with other tasks that pertain to the four relationships above. We had to spend eight hours in solitude with the Bible, a journal, and The book of Womanhood (if we so chose) in the Lord’s presence. This month we are required to interview four women that we admire and ask them questions on their view of being a woman and their journey of womanhood.

For those of you who are going to be a senior next year or in the years following, I encourage you to take this bold step and be a part of a group of women who want to see you grow in the Lord, in who you are, and to be a blessing to all who come in contact with you. You will not regret it!

Davis Aballah, Amy F. Book of Womanhood 2015. N.p.: n.p., 2014. Print.

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