Why I Chose Social Work at Nyack College Manhattan


I arrived new and from out of town, early on a wintery January morning to New York City. My belongings were heavy, but consolidated into just a few pieces of luggage. I had left my home, a familiar place with loved ones just hours before. Seven hours to be exact. I called a taxi company to pick me up from the airport and take me to my new home.  Where was I headed?

Harlem, NYC.

My home away from home. My new roommate greeted me curbside and offered to help pull my belongings upstairs to the fourth floor of our apartment building. I was hungry from my trip. I had no food but this didn’t matter. My roommate opened her heart and the fridge, and presented options for breakfast, which included a fresh cup of coffee.

We sat together in the living room and she listened as I shared why it was that I had come to live in one of the world’s largest, most connected cities. I told her that for years I had spent time taking part in inner city ministerial work with various nonprofit organizations caring for the sick, the neglected, and the abused. In my time of ministerial work, I had often wondered how I could connect the people I was working with, to long-term care. There is nothing like praying for someone in the street who is in need of help. I believe that prayer changes things, but in the past I have often wondered as I walked away from each person, how I could see to it that more of their needs were taken care of.

Through research, I discovered that social work was a profession which would give me the qualifications I needed to work out of places that offer the long-term care I was searching for. As I spoke with my new roommate, I realized that I was full of hope and excitement about the possibilities that lay before me. My roommate was full of good questions that morning. She asked me which school I was going to study at. I told her that I had applied to and was accepted by Nyack College Manhattan.

She wanted to know why I chose to study social work at Nyack College. I let her know that I chose it for a number of reasons. When considering that the profession of social work is historically built upon a rich Judeo-Christian heritage, out of principles of love and justice to name a few, Nyack stood out to me. It offers this foundation within an educational program that is fully accredited, professional, and recognized by non-government and government institutions both nationally, and internationally. Not to mention, Nyack College Manhattan is centrally located in the heart of New York City. For me and all of those who have a real heart for the people and diversity of inner city and urban settings, it does not get any better than this. I proceeded to tell my roommate that in fact, there is no other school like this in the world. Nyack College Manhattan, and its social work program, amongst so many other quality programs, is strategically located in one of the world’s largest, most connected cities and it was an opportunity of a lifetime.


Naomi Hatch

About Naomi Hatch

Naomi loves to laugh. She is a junior at Nyack College Manhattan, and loves that her campus is strategically located in one of the most connected cities on the planet. Her passion is social work, and when she's not studying, she can be found enjoying the outdoors.
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