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mishpat study group

“Mishpat” Study group; there were about 20+ of us crammed into ATS housing Studying for a Dr. Widbin Final. There was food, lots of it, laughing, and some great community happening that night.

  Those of you know who know me personally or are friends with me on Facebook, know that I am the admissions associate for the Alliance Theological Seminary. So yes, I am the person that blows up your phone with calls and e-mails, ensuring you  have everything necessary in order to be accepted into our seminary. I am that enthusiastic face found behind a table, a banner and a whole lot of ATS and Nyack College material at an event or church. And I am that woman who prays, encourages, answers the tough questions and lends a listening ear to all of our prospective students of the Alliance Theological Seminary.



ats christmas party

ATS Christmas Party 2013; cause seminarians know how to get down!

But for me recruiting for ATS isn’t something I do out of job obligation. I recruit for ATS because I strongly believe in everything that the Alliance Theological Seminary has to offer. I recruit for ATS because God has changed my life here. I recruit for ATS because I have encountered a community that has challenged me to grow and has supported me, spiritually, financially, academically, and emotionally. I recruit for ATS because it was here that I recognized that there is so much more that I needed to learn.

Alliance Seminary StudentSummertime last year, I found myself living in Mt. Vernon, doing an internship, traveling to Long Island multiple times a week for work and in perhaps one of the darkest seasons of my life spiritually. It was a season filled with anxieties, and doubts and fears related to the future. Two weeks before the summer ended and I was ready to begin at ATS as a student in the Masters of Divinity Program, God, yes God, gave me a clear word that I was to live in Nyack, work in Nyack, attend church in Nyack and focus on all that He had in store for me. I stepped out into the unknown, trusting I heard the Lord right. And I watched His perfect will unfold as two weeks later, the night of my orientation, I found a place to live with my first month rent free and got the  job at the admissions office.

ATS has taught me about walking in obedience and faith. Trusting God to fulfill His promises every step of the way.

CTA button for Blog ATS

As a student of the Masters of Divinity program God has literally shaken and is in the process of shaking everything that can be shaken within me. Through courses my views on scripture, theology and ministry were deeply challenged. Through conversation I learned to listen to, and respect others views and opinions while becoming grounded on my own. Through times of ministry I faced some of the darkest corners of my life and found the freedom and healing that Christ died to freely offer me. And through lecture after lecture in courses like PPTF and Initiation to Spiritual Formation, I truly began to understand who it is that God says that I am. Which I of course, began to live out in front of all of you, through my blogs.

So why the Alliance Theological Seminary and why not; Gordon- Conwell, or Dallas Theological Seminary, or Westminster or Fuller Theological Seminary or any other Theological seminary out there, you may ask?

( disclaimer Please note, we highly respect and appreciate the great work taking place in each of these seminaries mentioned above.)

The answer for me is simple; Because the kingdom of God is evident here. God is moving in our classrooms, through our faculty and staff and in the midst of our community. Lives are being transformed, people are being set-free, we have seen emotional healing take place, physical healings, all kinds of healing!  And the fruit of the ministry of GOD here, is overflowing.

Why pursue a seminary degree with us? Because here you can expect to be challenged; academically, spiritually, and personally to become the man and woman God created you to be. 

Why us? Because our faculty are not just educators, but mentors and disciple-makers to our students.  The lessons taught here go beyond a classroom or a pulpit, they transform lives, that in turn will transform other lives.

I will always passionately and enthusiastically speak of this great seminary, not because I get paid to do so but because I have grown to deeply love this community and will be eternally grateful for it. 

So if you’re looking to go into ministry or you simply desire to grow in  the knowledge, wisdom and revelation of Christ, I encourage you; Come to an Open House, get more information and see all that ATS has to offer you! 


ats in israel

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