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photo (27)Recently, Nyack had their annual student preacher series in chapel. In this series, Ministry students have the opportunity to preach to the student body during a chapel service. This presents a great opportunity for the student to get real life experience in their field while giving the student body an extraordinary opportunity to hear wisdom spoken from one of their peers.

I had the honor of seeing student preacher, Jeremiah Murphy speak to the student body on the topic of how we as Christians should react to the bad things that happen in our lives. He used his own life experiences as well as lots of scripture passages to illustrate his point. It was such a blessing to see a fellow student become vulnerable in front of his peers in order to more effectively bring the word of God.

Of course, Nyack has great academics and campus life but the college also provides students with countless other opportunities to lead their peers.

One example is the P.A.V.E. mentorship program. This program recruits and trains current students to be peer mentors to incoming students. New students sign up for small groups according to gender, place and time the group meets, as well as a short description of the peer leader. Then, their group (usually 5 people) meets once a week throughout the semester. The student leader is given a topic, but they are instructed to just sit down with their peers and talk about life. The point behind this program is to give new students a place to struggle through the struggles and joys of an adjustment into college.

I was involved in this program last semester, and I had a great experience. I was a student leader, but I actually became friends with the other students in my group. Not only was P.A.V.E. a teaching experience for me, but it was also a learning experience. Two of the girls in my group were commuters, and it was interesting to learn about the struggles that come with making friends on campus while not living here. It never occurred to me that this would be a problem for people, and now I am more intentional about reaching out to students who don’t live on campus.

There are several more opportunities for students to be involved in leadership at Nyack College, and if it’s something that interests you, I would encourage you to talk to your RA or RD about opportunities they are aware of. In the Fall, Student Leadership will be taking applications, so start praying now about what capacity of leadership might be a good fit for you!

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