What Makes Nyack College Special?

From the thoughts and Facebook profile of Dan Bailey, Admissions Director for Rockland Campus:

I could tell you in a variety of ways but I will settle on this one story. It pretty much says it all.

Admissions CA Make the Day

The amazing Nyack women who did not let a stranger miss her life-changing opportunity, from left to right: Andrea Cuevas, Jackie Bourdett, kathryn Tamondong, Victoria Hummel, Shawnja Pratt.

[In June] several student employees within our Admissions office were working late, making phone calls and emailing prospective students.

A potential incoming student called saying she could not make her interview appointment for the next morning. She lived in Brooklyn and did not have any means of transportation. Her family did not have a car and according to the bus and train schedules, she would arrive more than an hour late.

More than feeling just a little dejected, this devastated Nyack hopeful, called to humbly forfeit the opportunity of a lifetime– an interview for a special program at our school. Her dream was all but over.

What she didn’t realize, though, was that in the room on the other end of the phone were a group of young ladies, all current Nyack College students who were not about to let that happen. No way. Love wouldn’t let them stand still. So they prayed but then they did more than that, they decided to become the answer.

Without hesitation, on their own time and volition, these 5 young women hopped in a car (yes, all 5) and drove from Nyack to Brooklyn that very night. When the prospective student’s grandmother answered the door, she was immediately overcome with emotion. I mean, who does something like this anyway? Nyack students do. It’s not a show either. We have no student incentive program. It’s totally organic. It’s real and this is just one story of many I could share from the last month alone.

I see this type of care between our students all the time. In essence, it’s the life of God finding expression through people who know His love personally and just can’t keep it to themselves. This was not a prospect they went to pick up. They were already looking out for their sister!

Upon arrival, “Team Nyack” explained the game plan in detail; they were going to drive their new friend to the campus, house her for the night in one of their own dorm rooms, take her to breakfast in the morning, have her in position for the 10AM interview and return her later that day, God willing, a full fledged Nyack College Warrior!

CTA button for Blog UGHugs were shared, tears were dried and the six of them were out in a flash. The mission was not yet complete.

Despite arriving to Nyack late at night, they were all happily at work by 8AM the next morning. Funny, how joy abounds when we live for others. I was introduced to the prospective student from Brooklyn completely unaware of how she got to our campus. I just remember her bright smile and thinking to myself, “How did she get to our campus this early?”

When I found out the whole story from one of our full time staff members, I was once again moved to tears.  It’s hard to explain but this kind if thing happens all the time. I just don’t have the time to celebrate all the stories.

So what about the student in question? Well, let’s just say a life was changed because a group of young women from Nyack College thought not of themselves and summer fun, but of someone else, someone they didn’t even know, who had a dream, but needed some help to make it come true.

I have no doubt, she will be someone who pays forward the blessing she received from 5 crazy young ladies who drove to Brooklyn and knocked on her door one late summer night- women she can now call friends.

That’s Nyack. That’s what makes us special. It’s always been that way. I pray it always will be. ‪#‎IAmNyack‬

Thank you Admissions team, full time staff and students alike for reminding me daily why I’m here.


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Nyack College, through its undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs, pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to ”take the whole Gospel to the whole world.”
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  1. Lakisha Bennett-MSW says:

    Now that is definitely kind, I’m inspired while reading the book of Womanhood. I’m praying for blessings for Nyack women. I believe that they will do what’s correct and justice.

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