Top 5 Ways to Spend Your Summer Days

I know that some of my fellow Life at Nyack bloggers have written about what they do to keep busy during the summer, and I have come to realize that it’s very important to have a list of things to do every day. Even if your list is always the same, it’s helpful to enter each day with a little bit of regimen and purpose. So, without any further ado, here are the five things I try to do every day to keep my summer full, and laziness at bay:


1)      Breathe some fresh air! I’m very much into biking and I always love to find new trails to ride on. I’ve found that it’s very good to get outdoors and breathe the fresh air. Also, getting your blood pumping just makes you feel good, and it can even help you sleep better.

2)      Talk to people! Personally, I’m pretty introverted. Those who know me know I could go an entire day without talking to people, and it wouldn’t bother me one bit. But, God created us to live in community. While it’s not bad to have a day to yourself now and then, it’s healthy to make an effort to talk to people—especially people from school. It’s so refreshing to get a text from a friend from school, so be that friend and stay connected!

3)      Read! Another fact about me is that I love to read. I love it. But, sometimes it can be hard to find time. If it’s not reading, find some way to engage your mind each day. Take some time off from media and try to learn something, or if you don’t like to learn during the summer, get lost in another world for a while. A little fiction never hurt anyone.

4)      Engage in your hobby! For me, it’s music. I love to play music, especially piano. So, every day I sit down and practice for a little. Doing something like this daily, makes it easy to identify progress. Find something that you love and do it on a regular basis; get better at it and fall in love with it more.

5)      Spend time with your Creator! Listing this as my final point is the epitome of ‘saving the best for last’. All of these above points address being healthy, involved, educated, and in love. There is only one place you can get all of these: in spending time with Jesus. So, if you find all 4 of the above points don’t concern you, make time for this last one. Jesus is so beyond worth your time, and a summer spent with Him is a summer well spent.

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I am a senior at Nyack College Rockland campus. I'm a business major currently doing graphic design, web development, and marketing for a small salon in downtown Nyack. I love travel, reading, writing, beauty, and design. Connect with Jennifer on Google+
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