Tips to Giving a Good Speech

College is full of presentations, there you go I let the cat out of the bag. This may come as some sort of surprise, shock, or fear to you, but trust me this is true. I am in my last year at Nyack College and have been called upon by many teachers to present on a wide range of topics. From New Testament history to AIDS in Africa and everywhere in between, I have presented in front of class here. Now for me, I am not easily intimidated by such assignments and actually prefer such speeches over tests or quizzes and other assignments. I wish to share with you some essential steps and tips to enhance your speech giving skills. Take them as they are and I wish A’s upon all of you…


1. Eye Contact: It is so important to make connection with every person in the room. Make sure not to just look at the teacher the entire time. Be brave and show your sincerity by looking people in the eye.


2. Visuals: Bring a prop, make a Power Point or Prezi presentation, or find a new and creative way to grab the audiences attention and stand out.


3. Speak Well: Speaking well means talking loud and proud. Be confident and speak clearly so that people will stay focused and interested in what you’re talking about.


4. Remember Movement: This one is tricky because you need to find a balance between using hand motions and looking natural, but not being too expressive and distracting from your speech with too many wild hand gestures.

5. Catch the Crowd: Be yourself, but be interesting too. Choose topics that interest you so that people can feel your passion and enjoy your presentation.

6. Appearance: When giving a speech you should dress to impress. By dressing up you show that you are to be taken seriously and have important things to portray. Also smile and look like you are not only confident, but also enjoying yourself and interested in your topic.

7. Know your Topic: This seems like a no-brainer, but it is important to know your topic through and through so that your speech will come out knowledgeable and relaxed. Understand the ins-and-outs of your topic so that you can also be prepared to answer any questions that teachers and students may through at you after your presentation.

So there you go! Just seven good tips that can take your speech from average to excellent with these simple tips. Good Luck!

Erin Fox

About Erin Fox

Hey! I'm Erin Fox and I am a junior at Nyack College. I'm just a Midwest girl who made the move to the East coast and loves every minute of it. My major is Inter-cultural studies with a minor in Spanish and Bible. After college I plan on moving to the mission field and sharing the love of Jesus while helping and loving his people all along the way. I love Nyack and know that with each day it is equipping me more and more to do God's work throughout the world.
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