The Word- Spoken Word Piece

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The Word- Spoke Word piece written by yours truly.

Watch and listen first before reading below! ( hahaha, no seriously!!)

This piece was inspired after a time of prayer two years ago in my dorm room in Simpson Hall at Nyack college. I remember exactly how my though progression took place;  As I was praying, and using several scriptures to pray, I remembered that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. And then I thought about John 1:1 which describes Jesus as the Word. And suddenly it ocurred to me; God used words to create, and the word He used was Jesus and Jesus came out of the abundance of God’s heart.

In other words, JESUS is the revelation of GOD the Father’s heart. INCREDIBLE. So if we know Jesus, we know the heart of the Father. WE know the very things that move him, that cause him to smile, that make him cry…  If we want to truly have God’s vision, we need to first know his heart and the revelation of His Heart is: Jesus.

I pray this piece and revelation blesses you as much as it blessed me.

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