The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room I am the type of person who needs complete silence to study and do homework effectively. The Bailey Library is full of excellent resources and a great place to hang out with friends, but it can get a bit too noisy at times. There is one part of the library, though, that is always quiet and calm; the only noises you can hear there are the turning of pages and the tapping of computer keys. This place is the reference room, or “the quiet room,” in Bailey library. The quiet room is undoubtably my favorite place on campus. It is where I am most focused and do my best work.

When you first enter the library, the quiet room is through the sets of double doors on your lefthand side. It has tables, chairs, outlets, and computers for students to use. All of the library’s reference books are contained in the quiet room, so while there you will have a wealth of information available to you. It is nicely decorated, well lit, and above all it is completely quiet. When you first enter, you’ll be shocked at how silent it is. The library staff strictly enforces the no-noise policy in the quiet room. I have seen students removed from the room for being too loud. This is a great comfort to those of us who prefer a quiet environment in which to study.

I did not discover the quiet room until my sophomore year at Nyack College. Throughout my freshman year I studied and wrote papers in a loud library or a noisy dorm room. The first time I set foot in the reference room I knew I had found solace from boisterous homework environments. I had found a place where I was free from distracting conversations and activities. Ever since then I’ve come to the quiet room almost every day to do my schoolwork, and it has been very effective.

The quiet room is my favorite place on campus, not because it’s fun or exciting, but because it’s peaceful. I’ve written countless papers, studied for dozens of midterms and finals, and done immense amounts of homework in the tranquil stillness of the quiet room. There are many people that can work well amidst noise and distraction, and some even welcome company and conversation while they are doing schoolwork. But if you are like me, then you need silence and solitude when studying, writing, or doing homework. If that sounds like you, then you will definitely benefit from visiting the quiet room.

Pierce VanDunk

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I'm a Junior at Nyack College studying Bible and Theology. I love Jesus, which is why I want to be a Bible professor; my goal is to learn as much as I can about Him and teach others what I learn. My favorite teams are the Mets, Celtics, and Cowboys (don't hate me New Yorkers!). I also enjoy playing guitar and reading. Connect with Pierce on Google+
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