Finish What You’ve Started! Get to Graduation.

StudyingI have seen too many people leave college and never go back to finish their degrees. Some of my close friends were unable to come back to school after one year or less because of finances or grades. Leaving a degree unfinished negates all of the hard work and money that a student has put into school before leaving, and it makes the months or years spent at Nyack a waste of time. Friends and fun are a great part of the college experience, but they are not the most important things to have. In order to make these years worth the while, you need to make it to graduation. To all those pursuing a degree at Nyack College, and to everyone considering entering college, be sure to finish what you’ve started!

Not being able to keep up with the payments seems to be the most common reason that people drop out. Money may suddenly become scarce, or loans may become harder to come by; continuing to pay the school bills is not always easy. What  students needs to keep in mind is that the time that they have already spent in school has already cost them thousands of dollars, and not earning their degrees means that the money that they have already spent has been wasted. To make the expense worth it, make sure to always keep school in the center of your mind when making any financial decisions so that you can make the payments and stay at Nyack College. Other than the necessities, paying for school should be on the top of your list of priorities.

Bad grades can also ruin a student’s college career. Skipping class, not doing assignments, and not studying for tests are detrimental to a student’s chances of finishing school. When you do not have your priorities in order, having fun can rise above maintaining good grades in importance. Procrastination is also fatal to your grade point average. Waiting until the last minute to start your assignments yields rushed, low quality work. When your grades fall below a certain point, you run the risk of not being allowed to return to school. To avoid that, remember that school is more important than having fun, and start your work early.

College is an enormous commitment, but no matter how bleak the situation seems, it is not impossible to finish school. Stay strong and persevere, because the rewards are worth it. Make good financial decisions, and be focused and consistent with you schoolwork. Don’t waste your time or you money; finish what you’ve started!

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