Nyack College Spring 2012 Collection

A new academic year with new developments naturally calls for a new t-shirt design!

During a brief visit to my admissions counselor, I was informed that a new Nyack tee was available. I requested one in medium, not too sure what I would find, but I wasn’t disappointed. Have a look at the new design:

Forgot Nyack College's core values? Take a look in the mirror!

The shirt references to “Miracle in Manhattan,” the now-fulfilled prayer for a new and improved campus New York City students and faculty can call home. After an exciting series of events, and, well, miracles, the New York City Campus is set to move after the Fall  2012 semester.

The shirt also features Nyack College’s core values! Save for one, at least on this edition–Academic Excellence is not in sight. Otherwise, it’s a great way to engrave these important values into the minds of incoming and returning students, helping them make Nyack College’s values their own.

So, whether you’re going to a Reach Records concert, your church’s young adults ministry, or just hitting up your favorite deli for some Tylenol and cream soda, you can proudly rep your institution in your new Nyack swag, available at your local admissions office.

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