The Importance of Adult Education Degrees

adult education degree graduation

What comes to your mind when you think about adult education degrees? Fear of cost? Impossible time commitment? Not cost effective? Irrelevant? Last hope to succeed? Many negative feelings can creep in about earning a degree as an adult. The importance of adult education degrees depends on the specific needs of the individual and her family. Though many adults look to continue their undergraduate or start graduate classes to reach goals, adult learners have already completed many challenges composed of a diversity of experience in the workplace, military, etc. Many adult education programs gear their classes around such diversity.

Check out these alumni stories who explain how they went back to school even with families and full time jobs.  George Ramos works for New York City as a Family Assessment Coordinator.  His job is to help families in crisis.  Coming back to the classroom, he earned his master’s degree in mental health counseling and says that he can successfully compete for jobs against others with a master’s degree.  Then there is undergrad mom, Annette Mendoza, who began her career as a bank teller and worked her way up in IT as a technical software analyst.  Did we mention she was also valedictorian of her class?

Adult degrees include an MBA or an MSOL and can be completed fully online.  But adult education can also include finishing your bachelor’s.  If you’re a non-traditional student, look for programs that have hands on teaching, can be a transformative experience, have a cohort like family, and have world-class professors within a business environment. Completing degrees have taught adult students to apply themselves to succeed while they gain tools for living and continuous learning through holistic teaching. People are social beings so getting an education in a diverse environment with professors and students around the globe is empowering and relevant to work, life, and faith. Adult degrees improve the student’s depth of critical thinking and self awareness while instilling passion to take on more responsibility. Dynamic urban campus locations in New York City offer convenience and inspiration. The diversity of students and teachers is exciting in an adult program. The kingdom of God can be represented where the professors model balance between academic and spiritual lives. An adult degree can offer cross cultural communications which is just what’s needed in this global economy modeling Christ in the world.


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The goal of the Division of Adult Education at Nyack College is to serve the adult learner in a manner that considers adult learning styles, competing obligations of the adult learner, and their future goals.


The structure of the programs in the Division of Adult Education involves seminar-style classes, held online or in convenient four hour sessions once a week, allowing small, cohesive learning groups to remain intact during the core programs.  The curriculum is relevant, competency-based and modular.  Adult program courses emphasize communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational behavior and problem solving through a cooperative, rather than a competitive, classroom environment.

adult education degree graduation

Whether you are looking to advance your career, continue toward a graduate degree, or meet a personal goal, Nyack College’s adult programs may meet your specific needs as an adult learner. Below are the adult program offerings at Nyack College.

Liberal Arts and Sciences (AA)

Two years of full time study are required for the 60-credit AA. The majority of the AA Liberal Arts and Sciences credits earned may be applied toward a Bachelors degree. Adult intensive tracks may act as core courses. Rich selection of courses in different fields help students gain relevant information and broaden their understanding of several academic disciplines.

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Sciences (AA)

Two years of full time study are required for the 60-credit AA. The AA Liberal Arts and Sciences: Sciences program has been designed to prepare students to enter the upper-level BS Nursing program or for employment in the health services.

Organizational Management (BS/BPS)

Start September 2013 and finish September 2014! Requiring 120 credits for completion, the OM program is conducted in three terms. Adult students may enter into Nyack College with as little as 30 credits and then enter the program at 60 credits. Students are required to complete 36 credits in 16 months. The BS requires fewer liberal arts credits than the BPS but has the same core curriculum.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

The mission of the MSOL is to educate adult students with a values-based leadership studies program. Composed of 33 credits, 10 courses, 3 thesis seminar classes, and an action research thesis, it takes 12-months to complete this program.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Nyack’s MBA program is designed specifically for students who wish to work full time while earning their degree. Composed of 42 credits including an entrepreneurial capstone project, a student can finish in as little as 16 months.
Available MBA Concentrations:
Entrepreneurial Management


To request more information about the adult education degrees at Nyack College, please click here.
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