The Number 17 Has a New Meaning

In New York City, whether on the newspaper clippings, television, or in conversation, it’s difficult to not encounter Jeremy Lin. The California native helped elevate the New York Knicks to above the .500 mark (meaning more wins than losses), scoring the city back-to-back wins since the Giants’ Superbowl victory. Asking “Who’s Jeremy Lin?” invites swift and sharp rebuke, portraying the inquirer as a sad anti-social.

This player means a lot to many circles. He dispels stereotypes against Asian American athletes, hopefully blowing open the door for a wave of passionate sports players to participate without being turned down. He spiked the ratings of MSG, the television network that owns exclusive rights to broadcasting Knicks games. His success means a lot for New Yorkers too, who haven’t enjoyed a promising basketball team from their city in a decade. And naturally, merchants like Modells and Madison Square Garden are capitalizing off of his sold-out jerseys.

Jeremy Lin Makes Headlines

Generation Y now understands how previous generations felt about Joe Namath and Wilt Chamberlain.

What makes Jeremy Lin so great? Let’s focus on just a few aspects: His work ethic and leadership. If you successfully complete a higher education degree, there’s not much you can’t do. Mr. Lin had his priorities straight, and he has a great fallback when he’s finished with basketball. The more who know that he graduated before he blew up, the more they will be inspired to do the same. Also, as a leader Lin’s helped his teammates reach a new performance level. It’s never a one-man show, you know.

Here’s another intriguing one: Lin’s faith. Similar to Tim Tebow (don’t ask “who’s Tim Tebow?” either), he doesn’t hold back giving any credit to God, attributing success to his Maker. His leadership position influences others, and what better influence is there than inspiring others to learn more about Christ? Now keep in mind, much of his ministry is behind the scenes, so don’t fall into depression if he doesn’t bring about world peace or inspire countrywide revival meetings.

Well, any baller who recommends Lecrae and Hillsong is cool in my book. Leave your thoughts about this Lin-spiring individual below! There, I said it…

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