Trying To Get In Shape?

Here’s a hint for those trying to get in shape: five extra pounds can make all the difference!

Lately I’ve been exercising on a regular basis (as a part of my list of summer activities). But my workout changed completely when I finally shelled out some cash to invest in 15 pound weights. After a certain amount of time, lifting the 10 pound weights in certain angles became more like lifting two tv remotes. But 15? Everything changed; I was sore for the next three days the first time I tried it.

Now I know some of you readers may be like, “15 pound weights!? Pfft, I lift that with my thumb toe.” But keep in mind that I’m a poster boy for fast metabolism, I work (a.k.a., deteriorate) behind a desk for a living, and my exercise prior to Tony Horton’s Power 90 regimen was to do pushups, lunges, and jumping jacks to the 3 verses of Lecrae’s 40 Deep. This exercise regimen is good for all body types though; my mom does it too. You can trust Tony, he’s been instructing fitness since before I was born.

Your health is an investment! A worthy one. Don’t be afraid to come up with a way to get in tip-top shape! Your present or future significant other will appreciate it.

And by the way, P90x2 debuts Fall 2011… I’m anticipating that almost as much as I did Spiderman 3 in 2007.

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