How to Travel Between Nyack and New York City

Many people that live in New York City are comfortable staying in the five boroughs and attending college there, and the Nyack College Manhattan campus is available for them to do just that. Other residents of NYC would prefer to escape the urban atmosphere during the academic year, and the Rockland campus is the perfect place for them to be removed from the city for a small town artsy community. The problem comes when it is time to travel between Nyack and New York City at the beginning or end of a semester, or for a short trip or a weekend visit home. When transporting a lot of luggage during move-in or check-out, driving will be your best option; there are a few different routes that will bring you to Rockland County from the City. When you are staying a short while and all of your necessities can fit in a carry-on bag, public transportation will most likely suit you better than driving; there are two modes of public transportation, bus and train, that will bring you from Rockland to New York City or vice versa.

CTA button for Blog UGThere are three ways to drive between Nyack and New York City: the Palisades Parkway, the New York Thruway, and the Garden State Parkway. The Palisades Parkway is the shortest route, being about a forty-five minute drive. The Thruway and the Garden State Parkway are both a few minutes more than an hour drive. Which route you choose should depend on traffic; if one route is stopped up because of an accident or rush-hour traffic, you should choose a different route.

The bus is the cheaper of the two public transportation options. Rockland Coaches, a company that operates through Coach USA, offers bus rides into and out of the City and is in place mainly to service commuters. The coaches pick up passengers in Nyack as well as in various other locations throughout Rockland County. A one way trip between Nyack and the George Washington Bridge terminal costs just under nine dollars, and a trip between Nyack and the Port Authority terminal costs ten dollars.

If you would like to take the train, you will need to find a way across the bridge to the train station in Tarrytown, which is about fifteen minutes away from the Rockland campus. A taxi will be your most comfortable option, but taking the Tappan Zee Express from Nyack to Tarrytown will be much cheaper. The Tappan Zee Express is a bus service that runs daily and costs three dollars to ride. Once in Tarrytown, you can take the Metro North train service from the Tarrytown station to Grand Central Station for thirteen dollars one way. With both bus and train fares included, your round trip cost will be about thirty-two dollars.

Traveling between Nyack and New York City can be a hassle, but with proper planning, it should not be an issue. Transporting a lot of luggage may present problems, but as long as you or a loved one have a car that is big enough, one of the three driving routes should serve you well. If you are not carrying a lot with you, the bus or train will serve you better. However you choose to get there, I hope you have safe travels and enjoy your trip.

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