Like Broadway, but Free!

Those three weeks leading up to April 3rd may have been some of the busiest (yet exciting) days in my life. Added to my responsibilities for homework, S.G.A. the Business Club, work, my relationships, etc. was rehearsal for the Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Drama, “The Story of Love.” I’m talking about rehearsals on Mondays, Thursdays, and all day Saturday in preparation for three exerting scenes. As disciples, we had no speaking roles; instead, we put forth the most sincere emotions, gestures, and facial expressions we could muster.

What is The Story of Love? It’s a play produced by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Drama Company¬†annually, about, well, the story of love–God’s love for mankind. This play takes it back to the beginning, showing how events from creation to our current society relate.

As the title reads, BT decided to go all out with this production. It’s not mediocre by any means–with an amusing light show, detailed costumes for each individual, and live singers from the choir (plus much more), the play is a phenomenal work of art that gets better every year!

My friend Jason and I in our disciple attire.

After giving our all to the rehearsals and mustering as much quality into the play as we could–there was even a choreographed fight scene when the soldiers led Jesus out of the garden–it was time to go live. We performed five times between Tuesday April 3rd and Sunday April 8th, relying on God’s grace to portray the ghastly nature of the¬†crucifixion and the rapture of witnessing Jesus’ subsequent return as best as we could.

The most important part for the cast and crew was the altar call. To see so many lives dedicated to God was a true blessing–the sole reason we put so much work into the play.

Next time the drama company has a production, I’ll be sure to blog about it before it takes place as incentive for you, the readers, to come through and enjoy it yourself. Don’t forget, each performance is totalmente gratis–absolutely free!

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