End of the Semester

It’s that time of year- not only for the Holidays but for >FINALS< and the >END OF THE SEMESTER<

Before the semester started, my fiance, JP, and I took this picture the day I moved into Nyack and the day he left for Seminary! Looking at it now really amazes me… I cannot believe how fast the semester went by! While I was going on my third year- JP was starting his first year as a Graduate student!

Now as I write this, JP is driving home from Massachusetts & I’m studying for one more final that’s tomorrow!! He is done and I’m almost done!!

I’m happy for all that I’ve been able to accomplish this semester. I am proud of my seminarian. I cannot wait for this break!

(( p.s. looking at this picture also makes me MISS summer!! lol ))

Relationships Taken Seriously

You are foolish to give up a relationship because the other person annoys you- bothers you- or even hurts you. If you do this then you can be sure that you’ll end up alone. Because at the end of the day, friendship is about confronting the person that annoys you, bothers you, and hurts you. Relationships require us to Talk things through, Commit to do doing things better & most of all Love Uncondi…tionally. These are the kinds of relationships that are well worth it- not only for your benefit, but for each others. Ask yourself what relationships are worth the fight and don’t have self-serving motives. Just some thoughts. So thankful to have growing friendships & be engaged to the BEST GUY in the world (even though I never thought I’d be engaged this long… hahaa lol). Till we’re hitched and death does us part 😉 I love you J.p. Ilarraza!!

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