2011-12 Academic Year in Review

Phew, that was a marathon! After having completed my final presentations, tests, and research papers, sent my community’s newspaper to print, helped host a corporate spotlight event with the Business Club and Aflac, persevered through a rigorous election campaign, and managed my relationships with God and people in the course of two weeks, it all came to a close. What ensued were long awaited 10-hour sleep nights and celebrations all around.

You can view the election results video below; this year featured a record turnout at the polls. Guess who will be Student Government President at Nyack College NYC? Special thanks to everyone who participated; they made this election an unforgettable experience.

After it was all said and done, we enjoyed quite a few celebrations. Brenda and I visited a local restaurant in light of the semester’s end; I spent some time in the city with some senior graduates, and my family even threw a dinner for me with relatives as guests.

Brenda and I enjoyed a dinner celebration at The Door Restaurant

Last year I listed a few lessons I learned about taking college classes. Here is a new list with equally relevant info:

  • Resolve in the beginning of your education that you want to aim for the valedictorian of your school, and let others know so they can keep you accountable! (If you’re entering Nyack College this upcoming semester, let’s talk! I’m on Twitter: @LelioAD)
  • In the fine balance between academics, student activities, work, ministry, social activity, and entertainment, always be willing to sacrifice entertainment and self-gratification first. You can receive gratification from doing well in school and enjoying the company of friends–and don’t forget sleeping after the semester’s over!
  • Working hard is (often) the consequence of not completing the work in a timely manner. Avoid procrastination and catch up by working smart, setting realistic goals, and completing your homework and other responsibilities on schedule! Then you can avoid late-night cramming and put quality into your homework efforts.

Celebrating the class of 2012 graduates

I’m especially proud of this year’s graduates, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure to know personally. S.G.A. members were invited to serve at the baccalaureate banquet, a dinner held just days before the actual graduation. As a greeter, I had the opportunity to see many of them off one more time as official Nyack College NYC alumni. Of course we’ll meet again–some sooner than others, as certain students have considered taking job positions at the school.

Now, planning begins to make this summer the most worthwhile and productive one yet. Stay with us; there’s plenty to write about during the break. I’m surely not leaving campus either, as we intend to have S.G.A. meetings throughout the summer semester!


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