How to Survive Your 8 a.m. Class

As someone who is not a IMG_2602morning person, I understand your struggle. I know that you study, work, stay up late, and try to keep a social life intact. It is difficult, and yes, it is an endless cycle. Sleep inevitably, at one point or the other, falls by the wayside.

I had my first 8 a.m. class last semester. Despite having days when it was indeed a struggle, I eventually began to enjoy having a class in the morning. It gave me an early start to my day. It helped me make the most out of my time, especially when I knew I had a
busy day ahead.

Here are tips to help you adjust to an early morning schedule and make the most out of your 8 a.m. class and morning.

  1. Prepare

Preparing for your class the night before reduces the amount of time you spend hurrying out the door in the morning. Pick out your clothes, check the weather, pack your backpack, and set your alarm(s). You will feel less flustered and more confident.

  1. Get Sleep

Know yourself and how much time you need in the morning and how much time you should sleep. If you have enough sleep, you will be less tired or even well rested. You may actually feel awake in class if you slept the night before.

  1. The Essential 3: Water, Coffee, and Breakfast

I believe these three are the essentials to a quality morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning boosts your metabolism and helps you wake up. Coffee energizes you with caffeine to help you stay awake. Make sure you eat something; at least grab a snack on your way out the door. It is important that you break your nighttime fast.

  1. Arrive Early to Class

Plan how much time it takes you to get to class and add buffer time in case you are held up on your way, etc. Even if you arrive a few minutes early to class, you will feel better than if you had arrived a few minutes late.

  1. Take Notes

It will help you focus, stay awake, and engage in class. Review your notes when you are more awake to help you recall what you had learned in class.

  1. If you didn’t eat breakfast or drink coffee, make sure you do so.

You need your energy.

  1. Power Nap

If you feel too tired to function, sleep if you can. You will thank yourself later. Your mind will be clearer, and your mood will be brighter.

  1. Make the Most Out of Your Morning

Since you’re awake, use the morning to study or get something done. You will be more productive if you use your time wisely.

Sarah Dunlap

About Sarah Dunlap

I am a Pittsburgh native and an English major and Communications minor at Nyack College Rockland Campus. I am a devoted dancer, avid reader, and an aspiring writer. "Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences." - Sylvia Plath
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