Stop Church Shopping, Nyack College!

Youth Sunday School at Cornerstone Christian Church

Youth Sunday School at Cornerstone Christian Church


One of my biggest challenges Freshman year was trying to find a church. Now that I’ve been here a year and a half, I’ve finally settled down. “Church shopping” was a really great experience, but I would love to save anyone who’s looking the trouble of shopping around. Here are just a few of the churches in the area that Nyack students currently attend:

Living Christ Church:
Living Christ is right in downtown Nyack and is a Christian Missionary Alliance Church.
Nyack student Rachel Kunker says, “I love Living Christ because of the people. All parts of the church are great, but it’s the community that keeps me there”.

Savior Community Church is also in Nyack:
Nyack student Michaela Decker is a regular attendee and says, “At Savior Community Church, the preaching is really great. The pastor’s sermons are really well put together, and I get a lot out of the messages”.

In New City (the town over from Nyack) is Grace Point Gospel Church:
Nyack student Inez Montgomery attends the church with her family and says, “the church is very diverse; it is filled with people of all different ethnicity and cultures. It’s like a big family there. There is also a school there and a very strong kid’s ministry”.

A little farther away, in Wycoff, New Jersey is Cornerstone Christian Church:
This is the church I regularly attend, and I love it there. I felt accepted as soon as I walked in the door. Also, the church leadership seems accessible and the congregation feels like a family. The worship is great, the messages are awesome, and there are a lot of different options for Sunday School. If you’re looking for a youth group to be involved with, this is the place; the youth program at Cornerstone is incredible.

A bit closer to home in River Vale New Jersey, is River Vale Community Chruch:
Regular attendee Brian Lawrence says, “I love the pastor there. His messages relate to everyday life, and the problems that Christians in this world face on a daily basis. I also love the worship. It is very well done, but also on the quiet side which makes it a lot easier to focus on the meaning behind the words”.

These are just a few of the churches in the area, and there are many more to explore! Here’s links to the websites of a few more local churches:

Risen King Alliance Church (New City):
The River (NYC):
Hillsong (NYC):
Montvale Evangelical Free Church (Montvale, NJ):

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  1. George John says:

    Just to let you know that the The River is in Pearl River and the website is the www. theriverrk. org

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