Six Strategies for Paying College Tuition Beyond Loans

95% of our Nyack College students receive financial aid, and not just by student loans. In fact, many students are able to supplement or even cover wholly their educational expenses by diversifying ways by which they get money for school. Here are some ways that students can pay for college. This article is the first of a series of financial aid articles. Please stay tuned for our next article: websites to research college scholarships.


Did you know music students can find scholarships at Nyack College?

Did you know music students can find scholarships at Nyack College?

Six Ways to Get Money for College


Research the Scholarships offered by your College

Most schools and university, Nyack College included, have scholarships and grants available. Our school offers over 80 different grant funds. For incoming students, the most important strategy is to research scholarships that fit who you are as an individual, a student, and as a successful candidate.



Use College Databases and Lender Websites that also offer Scholarships

Sallie Mae and Cappex are two huge companies that help prospective students find dream colleges and clinch financial aid. The process of applying to college is closely linked to the ability to pay for it. So companies have made the way a little easier for students. They put everything in one place for you to find what you need for your academic future. Remember that scholarships are not always based on your GPA. You can also earn an educational award because of your ethnic background, academic major, where you live, or if you are the first of your family to go to college.

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Utilize Brand Loyalty for Student Grants

Are you a fan of Best Buy, Macy’s, or PBS? Big name organizations like these offer scholarships to their viewers and fan base. Usually there is a theme involved. So the company will try to award scholarships to students who fit a prescribed description of what they think is the “ideal student”. Research the brands you like. Find out how you can get $1000 for just being you.


Apply for a Paid Internship with local Companies and Organizations

This isn’t technically free money. You have to work for this pay check but the benefits of getting an internship go beyond just money in your wallet. For example, each summer Americorps of Rockland County send 35-40 college age interns to work with local organizations. Not only are they learning great skills but they are bringing in a paycheck and boosting their resumes. By being an Americorps intern, they are separating themselves above their peers and giving themselves the ability to get another internship with even more money.


Apply for an Assistantship at Your College

Most colleges have dorms, professors with busy departments, and admissions offices with overwhelming amounts of paperwork. While work study students can handle a majority of the work, sometimes different departments require students who can work independently as well as on a team. For example, any college with a dorm will need resident assistants. They act as a liaison between the student body and the director in charge of their well being. In exchange for their work as an assistant, colleges and university offer financial support that cover part (or all) of their room and board.


Join a Government Program that Pays for College

In the US, local and federal governments have created programs to help offset the cost of college tuition. These programs are designed to recruit talented students into specific fields of study in the hopes that after graduation these gifted alumni will in turn serve the greater public. One program is called the Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees. So ask around and do your research. Your future career may pay your current educational bills.


When you’re looking to manage your educational costs, try to think outside of the box. Remember that you must ask about grants, awards, and scholarships or else you will never learn about them. Free money comes with a price: paperwork. Be thorough and complete every part of an application. Start today by asking a prospective college, like Nyack, about its different financial aid programs. If you’ve learned of another way to get money for college, leave a comment!

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