Scholarships and Grants for Nyack College Students

Future students may not be aware but Nyack College has over 80 endowed scholarship funds and awarded over $9 million in financial awards last year. As we had stated in our previous post called Six Strategies for Paying College Tuition Beyond Loans, students need to think outside of the box when they research grants and scholarships. Our Nyack students should ask about new programs and then extend a search toward public and private organizations as well as paid internships and assistantships (stay tuned for that article: Wednesday night).

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At Nyack 95% of our students receive financial aid. If you’re a current student or an incoming Nyack Warrior, get in touch with the Office of Financial Aid and ask about an updated list of awards for eligible students. Also note that specialized grants are available for New York City commuter and Rockland residential students. Since endowment funds are constantly updating, please request more information here about financial aid.


Highlighted Grants and Scholarships for Nyack College


C&MA Undergraduate Grant Program

Christian and Missionary Alliance students may receive a grant up to $12,500. Active membership at a C&MA church and active ministry are taken into consideration.


C&MA Hmong Scholarship

Awarded to incoming new students who are from a C&MA Hmong church. Student must meet a minimum GPA to be eligible.


Sibling Grant

This $500 award was introduced in 2012-2013 school year. When there are two or more siblings attending Nyack full-time, each student may be eligible for the grant.

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Nyack Scholars Grant

Awards range from $1000-$3500 for first-year freshmen with exceptional scores on their SATs, ACTs, and high school GPAs.


Transfers Grant Awards

This scholarship ranges from $1000-3000 for transferring students who have a GPA over 3.0 which could earn an award of the minimum $1000 grant. Students with a GPA over 3.5 could earn the maximum $3000 award.


Ministerial Dependent Grant

This $1000 grant is awarded to a dependent of a person who is licensed and/or ordained. Applicants should currently serve on a church, district, or missionary staff and have the major source of income paid for by a church, district, or mission board.


Home School Grants

Up to $3000 per year, this award considers the number of years that a new student received homeschooling. Students may earn $1000 toward the scholarship for each year they were home-schooled which is then awarded over a traditional four-year course of study.


If you are a future Nyack College student, ask us now about our application process and the financial aid program. Start by inquiring for more information and our counselors will help you throughout the entire process.



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