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Welcome to Rockland! 

The Rockland campus at Nyack College for years has been known as the ‘Hillside’.   This is  a place where for over 125 years student of all ages, and  have come and gathered together to experience life.  From living together in community, to learning together, and of course having fun together.  This is the place where students have met God, and this is the place from which student have left to change the world.

Here on the Rockland Campus our student development office is here to help you.  Whether you need a door opened, a kick in the pants, or a tear wiped, we are committed to walking with you through your time here.  Under the banner of  Student Development you will find offices’ such as the Office of the Dean, Residence Life, Spiritual Formation, Counseling Services, Health Services, Career Counseling Services and Student Activities. Each office exists to help you, the student, succeed while here at Nyack College.  You might spend 12 -15 hours a week in a classroom, its during the other 156+ hours that we strive to create a living, loving, learning community where you can call home.

Wanda Velez

Associate Dean of Students – Mrs.  Wanda Velez

(Find out more about Dean Velez)

Our Residence Hall Directors:

Louis Sanchez  Mr. Louis Sanchez

(Find out more about Louis)

     Heather Butcher     

 Ms. Heather Butcher

    (Find out more about Heather) 

       Amisadai Martinez

Mrs. Amisadai Martinez (Ami)

 (Find out more about Ami)

 Wanda WalbornDirector of Spiritual Formation – Mrs. Wanda Walborn

(Find out more about Wanda Walborn)

Drusila Nieves

Director of Student Wellness Services  – Mrs. Druisilia Nieves

(Find out more about Druisilia Nieves)

Jackie Lopez

Health Service Coordinator – Mrs. Jackie Lopez

(Find out more about Jackie Lopez)

Tiffany Austin

Director of Career Counseling – Mrs. Tiffany Austin

(Find out more about Tiffany Austin)

Sarah Samson

Director of Student Activities – Ms. Sarah Samson  Check it out!

(Find out more about Sarah Samson)



Be sure to check out our pages to follow what is currently going on in each division.


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