Nyack College NYC Business Club

[iframe_youtube video=”GTduLJGCVgY”] “Did you know that Nyack College NYC has a club for business students and students who want to know about the business world?” It’s true—Nyack College Business Club NYC put in plenty of hours this semester. As we strengthened the club internally, we also managed to plan and host several events. Watch this video of us presenting “Personal Finance: Spending Your Money in a More Realistic Way.” Since that seminar, we’ve also presented on stock market investing as well as “Jeopardy: Business Edition.” As planned, it was both a fun and educational evening. Students learned more about business, … Continue reading

Pastor and Leadership Conference

Long time no write! If you couldn’t tell, the Life at Nyack blog went on a brief hiatus. Yes, we have plenty of catching up to do. A few weeks ago, the NYC Campus SGA members and other school leaders were invited to attend Brooklyn Tabernacle’s 2011 Pastor and Leadership Conference. The event, titled “Be Encouraged,” featured two days of messages, prayer, and workshops on topics ranging from children’s ministry to evangelism in the 21st century. At breakfast, we interacted with pastors and leaders from around the U.S. and the world who came to, well, “be encouraged.” In the morning … Continue reading

Relationships Taken Seriously

You are foolish to give up a relationship because the other person annoys you- bothers you- or even hurts you. If you do this then you can be sure that you’ll end up alone. Because at the end of the day, friendship is about confronting the person that annoys you, bothers you, and hurts you. Relationships require us to Talk things through, Commit to do doing things better & most of all Love Uncondi…tionally. These are the kinds of relationships that are well worth it- not only for your benefit, but for each others. Ask yourself what relationships are worth … Continue reading

Hillsong NYC Church

Today, I had the privilege to visit the Hillsong NYC Church in Manhattan! The excursion happened with a friend, my lovely fiance, and future sister in-law. Although traffic made us a bit late- it was all well worth it. The place was packed! Especially, since it was the third service of the day. The service lasted about 2 hours— and when we were leaving there was a long line of people waiting outside for the next service. It was really great to see how many people are getting involved! It definitely won’t be my last time 😀

Manhattan Campus

If you haven’t been back to the Manhattan campus yet, you’re in for quite a few treats! The campus has seen quite a few upgrades, including shiny new Mac computers. Not bad, huh? We also have “The Haven,” a part of the building the college recently obtained. Recognize it from the photo? It used to be what students termed “the futon store.” If you needed a tiny bit more of a spur to get excited about this upcoming semester… well, you’re welcome. Also, look out for a post about the new student orientation that took place last Thursday, coming soon.

Irene: Bane for Some, Blessing for Others

What are some of the inconveniences of having a hurricane in the busiest city in existence? Property loss. Death and other injuries. Progress grounding to a halt. Being grounded by the weather and forced to stay home. It turned out that the last “inconvenient” wasn’t so bad after all, at least for me and my family. The hurricane canceled my morning meeting and all-day registration solicitation for an upcoming event (more about that later), but it also left me with my family all day for the first time since I can remember. On Saturday, I ate lunch with my family … Continue reading

Lessons from Jewish People

Many jobs and careers will cause you to interact with several different races and social circles. Not too long ago, I spent a couple of weeks helping a lady of Jewish descent with a project. She was unorthodox, and dabbled in music, poetry, and comedy. Although she has to be at least in her mid seventies, if you closed your eyes and heard her speech and mannerism, you would most likely come to the conclusion that she was in her early forties tops. When I realized the project was heading into two-week territory, I was dismayed—I originally anticipated that it … Continue reading

Trying To Get In Shape?

Here’s a hint for those trying to get in shape: five extra pounds can make all the difference! Lately I’ve been exercising on a regular basis (as a part of my list of summer activities). But my workout changed completely when I finally shelled out some cash to invest in 15 pound weights. After a certain amount of time, lifting the 10 pound weights in certain angles became more like lifting two tv remotes. But 15? Everything changed; I was sore for the next three days the first time I tried it. Now I know some of you readers may … Continue reading


So I’ve been on a bit of a personal vacation—I’ve had the past nine days off from work (Left early Friday, vacation till next Friday, vacation over the following Sunday), and I used all of the free time to hang out with my girlfriend in celebration of her birthday. We went to so many different places, including the movies, Governor’s Island, several parks, three concerts, our relatives’ houses, a museum, a restaurant, and the beach. I would drag myself home after every night, pleased, then wake up and do it all over again. Naturally, a few things fell out of … Continue reading

Fighting Temptations (Not the Movie)

Summer reading (on the list of things to do) kicked off with “Every Young Man’s Battle,” an 18-chapter book that couldn’t have caught my interest on the library shelf at a better time. While most of you readers may have a handle on guarding your eyes in every aspect of life, I was not so fortunate. However, I determined that God’s way was worth learning how to fight lust in all forms, so I grabbed the book and took plenty of notes. I was pleased to discover that several of the tactics I thought I made up were actually in … Continue reading

Meet the President

Last week it was back to Nyack College! A certain prospective student (ok, my girlfriend) asked me to attend last Wednesday’s Meet the President of Nyack College event at its Worth street facility. Sure, definitely, why not? We met up and went in, heard plenty of good news about the upcoming semesters, and sat with a very diverse table in all fields—especially majors. Ok: so I the Business Admin major and my girlfriend the Early Childhood Education prospective major met Maria the Psychology major and her friend Gloria the advent Criminal Justice Major as well as Javier the Pastoral Ministries … Continue reading

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