Lent Devotions: Introduction

Hello Nyack: This year we will be journeying through lent together as a community.  During this time we will be posting a series of daily devotions which have been written by staff, faculty and graduate students.  We invite you to journey with us for the next 40 days as we seek the Lord together.   in anticipation, Rafael E. Lara Worship Ministries Coordinator

How Public Service Professionals Can Repay Expensive College Loans

New York's Christian College

  If you are pursuing a degree in nursing, education, criminal justice or another form of public service, you may be watching your debt build with awe.  You may be wondering how you will ever be able to pay off those student loans.  But it’s okay! Here’s why:   How to Pay Off Big Student Loans In 2007, Congress ratified a bill specifically designed to help students with a passion for public service.  Called the Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees, the program assists qualifying students by “forgiving” or rather cancelling loan balances after 120 payments.  Even better, a parent … Continue reading

Are you Nyack’s Next Blogger?

blog for nyack

    Are you Nyack’s Next Blogger? Nyack College is searching for six student bloggers with the skills and stories to make our blog, Life at Nyack stand out.  Each week our bloggers will be featured on Life at Nyack with stories that cover our passion for higher education at New York’s Christian college… And, yes, this is a paid position!  So… Are you a writer? Can you inspire others with your insight into college life?  Can you tell a story that is entertaining? Do you want to develop a 21st century skill that will boost your resume? If so … Continue reading

Part of This Good Breakfast!

Hello again everyone, It’s been a while! I’ve taken on some new life responsibilities (and said goodbye to a few as well), but I’ve been organizing and calculating, and I’ve concluded that blogging is something I would love to do this semester! So, a couple of changes: As mentioned in my review of the 2011-2012 academic year, I was recently elected as S.G.A. President for the NYC Campus! That was no small feat considering all the hard work my opponent put into his campaign, but we got to know each other well during that period, and we now serve together … Continue reading

The Importance of Adult Education Degrees

adult education degree graduation

What comes to your mind when you think about adult education degrees? Fear of cost? Impossible time commitment? Not cost effective? Irrelevant? Last hope to succeed? Many negative feelings can creep in about earning a degree as an adult. The importance of adult education degrees depends on the specific needs of the individual and her family. Though many adults look to continue their undergraduate or start graduate classes to reach goals, adult learners have already completed many challenges composed of a diversity of experience in the workplace, military, etc. Many adult education programs gear their classes around such diversity. Check … Continue reading

Comic Art and Ministry Come Together

In my last blog post, I discussed 6 Reasons to Join a Ministry. This past Sunday, I had an opportunity to participate in one as a temporary volunteer. My home church’s children’s ministry hosted an annual carnival that journeys from the typical Sunday format and incorporates at least four times as many teachers. This year’s carnival featured pie tossing, face painting, a show in a fully glow-in-the-dark room, several games, and more. Part of the “and-more” included a section where the children posed for a quick self-portrait of themselves. Because the carnival saw over 400 children attend over the course of … Continue reading

6 Reasons to Join a Ministry

  In a general sense, ministry is an opportunity for you to help others while pointing them to God, whether in your family, work environment, church, et cetera. For the sake of this post, we’ll discuss six reasons why you should get involved in an organized ministry–a group most often at (but not limited to) your church where you join others for a distinct cause–ASAP. 1) You get to serve God in an organized setting. Is there anything in life that is not structured, maintained, and orderly, yet still successful? Don’t rack your brain too hard on that question, I didn’t–the majority of … Continue reading

Is the MDiv Worth It?

Is the MDiv worth it?

Considering a MDiv – Master’s of Divinity degree? This degree program can be anywhere between 72 and 106 credit hours of study. Yes, that’s three or more years of study for a master’s degree. In this amount of time you could earn a JD degree before you earn a MDiv so the MDiv program is a serious degree of high academic learning. What you learn from a MDiv depends on your knowledge, experience, and drive. It is recognized as the most comprehensive and basic level graduate preparation for ministerial leadership and for future study in the theological disciplines. What you … Continue reading

Movies: Know Before You Go

So friends, how do you go about selecting which movie to watch in theatres? If you’re like most people, you judge a film by its marketing campaign’s captivating graphic designs and stirring trailers, plus a brief glance at the MPAA rating. If you’re like a growing number of people, you engage in steps 1 and 2, then promptly visit pluggedin.com to find out exactly what kind of scenes you’ll be spending money to expose yourself to for the next couple of hours. After all, you shouldn’t just watch anything, right? In the past several decades, the movie industry increasingly sees new … Continue reading

Nyack College Spring 2012 Collection

A new academic year with new developments naturally calls for a new t-shirt design! During a brief visit to my admissions counselor, I was informed that a new Nyack tee was available. I requested one in medium, not too sure what I would find, but I wasn’t disappointed. Have a look at the new design: The shirt references to “Miracle in Manhattan,” the now-fulfilled prayer for a new and improved campus New York City students and faculty can call home. After an exciting series of events, and, well, miracles, the New York City Campus is set to move after the … Continue reading

Raise my Children on Hip-Hop

Recently I wondered, “How did I make it to age 15 practically oblivious of the cultural mandate to think of my female friends as objects?” Upon further meditation, I also recalled having a strangely solid confidence in heaven and hell’s existence and a clear understanding that I was in the world, but not of its ways. Light reflection traced this assurance back to Sunday school and Bible club lessons, parental influence, and–yes–Hip-Hop. Around my 12th year, I recall hearing a unique new sound playing from a music enthusiast’s car speakers as I sat by the windowsill. The music was rhythmic and attractive. … Continue reading

2011-12 Academic Year in Review

Phew, that was a marathon! After having completed my final presentations, tests, and research papers, sent my community’s newspaper to print, helped host a corporate spotlight event with the Business Club and Aflac, persevered through a rigorous election campaign, and managed my relationships with God and people in the course of two weeks, it all came to a close. What ensued were long awaited 10-hour sleep nights and celebrations all around. You can view the election results video below; this year featured a record turnout at the polls. Guess who will be Student Government President at Nyack College NYC? Special … Continue reading

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