5 Ways To Know the Semester is in Full-Swing

It’s been over a month since classes have officially begun.  I, for one, believe that I have not yet fully accepted the beginning of the semester. I have most of my books and have been going to my classes and seeing my friends, but still I am in denial. This is especially true for Nyack students who attend the Manhattan campus because we are not only in school, but we have full lives outside of our classes. So if you’re a Nyack student and haven’t fully grasped the beginning of the school year yet either, here are a few things to … Continue reading

College Girl’s Clothing Checklist

When it comes to packing clothes for college, it can become a little overwhelming. Whether you think you have too many clothes or nothing to wear, it helps to understand what wardrobe staples you actually need. Once you have the basics, you will notice that planning outfits becomes easier (and even fun)! Below I include my checklist to help you narrow down your wardrobe and help you pack for college. Use the list as a guide and suit it to your personal style. Dresses Two Little Black Dresses one winter/fall one spring/summer that can transition into the fall with a … Continue reading

Student Teaching: Day One

I’m wandering down the street in the morning half-light with a street address, little idea of where I’m going, but I’m carrying a great confidence that I’ll find this house with the “green trim”. I’m walking to meet the woman I’m carpooling with to student teaching. I’ve only had a phone conversation with this woman, but she has no idea that she is an answer to prayer for a ride to my placement. A church dear to my heart, comes into view. Its rust colored bricks have welcomed me many times. The bells ring in the steady certainty of the … Continue reading

Student Teaching Bootcamp

It’s a Tuesday morning, the kind of morning where the weather says it could possibly rain. You don’t know that yet, so you grab an umbrella as you walk out the door. Umbrellas tend to be metaphors in Western culture. You always see them marking funerals, sheltering lovers, or decorating the passage of city traffic. Perhaps umbrellas have this spot in our imagination, because the very act of carrying an umbrella is equivalent to preparation. You are preparing for the inclement, for a future you cannot see. It doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible future–people dance in the rain with … Continue reading

First Day of School – 2016 Edition

9/8/16 Today was my first official day of classes on Nyack College’s Manhattan campus for the 2016-2017 school year. My first two classes were Communications classes so I was extremely excited. It’s not that I don’t love all my other classes; it’s just that I love those classes more. A new semester is a new beginning for everyone. GPA’s aren’t completely in the toilet, mental states are intact, and you still have some time to binge watch your favorite television shows before the homework piles on.. and on… and on…. You’re optimistic about the semester and have great hopes that … Continue reading

7 Ways to Share Your Faith as a College Student

There’s something about living on the hill, about trekking to Simpson Hall in early autumn mornings to learn about the wild and mysterious Old Testament.  There’s something about walking through the cafeteria and hearing kids from the Gospel Choir burst out in piano playing and praise that somehow sounds even better amidst the cafeteria plates.  There’s something about praying with your friends at two in the morning in a dorm room filled with the smell of stale pizza.  There’s something about conversations, deep, full of strength and faith on the way to intramural practice.  There’s something about going to a Christian … Continue reading

For Those Worried about the Semester’s Beginning

Do you ever have those moments of complete panic?  Do you ever have moments when you look towards the future, and have no idea what’s going on?  You hold nothing but the unknown.  You are filled with profound need.  You need solutions, you’re working for answers, but they’re as absent as a smile on the 5:45a.m. bus.  I think many of us are feeling some level of this panic right now, as summer slows to an end and the fall semester begins. Freshmen, you’re probably panicking that you’ll be friendless for the next four years (for the record, you won’t … Continue reading

Be a Light!

Shine bright, shine far! Be a star! Where you live, where you are… be a star! Shine bright, shine far! Be a star! Where you live, where you are, be a staaaar! That song is sung by Tyra Banks in the movie Lifesize, but it is still inspirational and applicable to this blog. Being a light in a dark world is a recurring theme in the Bible (Matthew 5:13-16, Romans 13:11-14, Ephesians 5:8, John 9:5, Acts 13:47, should I go on?), as well as a theme at Nyack College. Nyack prides itself on preparing its students on how to not … Continue reading

10 Tips to Minimize and Maximize Your College Wardrobe

Since my freshman year of college, I have discovered  how to simplify my wardrobe. My greatest take-away is that in order to have a well-rounded closet, you don’t need to buy more clothes, but instead, understand how minimizing your wardrobe actually maximizes your clothing options and closet space. I have realized that by bringing only the clothes that I love and need to college, I will have a greater variety of outfits. By using styling tricks like choosing similar color pallets, I have gained a greater sense of my personal style. Since I’ve minimized my wardrobe, I have learned how to … Continue reading

What does it take to have Olympic Spirit?

Photo Credit: Simone Biles’ Instagram “Simone Biles Won Gold and Pulled Aly Raisman up with her to celebrate” Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no electricity, wifi, or any contact with the outside world, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve heard those names before. Simone Biles (19) and Aly Raisman (22) are 2 of the 5 members of the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team at the Rio 2016 Olympics, along with Gabby Douglas (20), Laurie Hernandez (16), and Madison Kocian (19). This was the headline of an article that was part of USA Today’s continuing coverage of the Olympics … Continue reading

What we can learn from the Olympics as the Semester Begins

Even though the Olympics have ended, the athletes are still the talk of the town. The Final Five gymnasts are still making appearances and doing talk shows, while Michael Phelps is reveling in his title as “The World’s Greatest Olympian.” However, there were a couple of sour notes from Rio 2016 – among them, Ryan Lochte’s “exaggeration of the truth.” You’ve probably heard about it by now, and if not you’ve at least seen a meme about it. Ryan Lochte, the American Olympic swimmer, told a story about how he and two of his teammates were robbed at gunpoint by … Continue reading

Back to School, Back to the Manhattan Campus

Are you excited to be back on campus soon? The immediate answer for many students is a swift, “no,” complete with a look of indignation. But what if I said I was excited? What if I said I’m actually looking forward to the new school year? Am I crazy? Let me explain. One day, late last month, I was in downtown Manhattan running a couple errands. After they were complete, I found myself in Battery Park City. Watching the water down by the ferry has become a favorite pastime of mine. I walked along the boardwalk and took pictures like … Continue reading

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