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A Letter from the Editor~ Melissa Ruttanai

I’ve worked with many writers and bloggers in the past in a variety of fields and industries.  But this summer at Nyack College, I have been impressed.  I’ve been moved and inspired by the genuine passion of three of our veteran bloggers at Life at Nyack.  Almost two years ago, we sat together as a staff and talked about the ins and outs of blogging.  They discussed their degree majors and hobbies.  I thought I was imparting all the information to them—about the world of online publishing and storytelling.  But now, these three bloggers are teaching me.  Through their posts, they’re showing the difference in the world that they are creating and our college blog has benefitted greatly from it.

If you have not read the stories from Madelyn Badillo, Jennifer Cook or Erin Fox now’s the time to become inspired.  These young women have gone out into the world beyond the college classroom.  They are changing lives everyday.

Center Do RecifeMaddy: Our Missionary Blogger in Brazil

In her second time in Brazil, Maddy has set her scope to help the local community in Recife.  With the backdrop and drama of the World Cup at her door, she continues to reach out to help those in need.  She’s brought prayer and hope to orphans, prostitutes, and those in need of Christ.  Maddy’s top posts for the summer include her stories about faithfulness through the little things, the joy of God’s presence in her work as well as her daily tasks at the Shores of Grace Ministries in Brazil.


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Jennifer: Our Youth Intern in the USA

A business major with a heart for non-profit organizations, Jennifer is spending some time at home in Pennsylvania but that doesn’t mean she is a homebody.  Instead, she’s busy working with her church and internship leading youth groups around the US east coast.  She’s even had time to give a PA welcome to old friends from a 2011 mission she did in Mexico.  Her work with young Americans is amazing.



a17Erin: Our Internship Blogger in Thailand

Having always wanted to be a missionary, Erin has ventured out of her comfort zone to spend the summer in Thailand.  As part of the “Remember Nhu” internship, she is learning how to reach out in the community and fight child sex slavery.  No easy feet for an undergrad.  But she takes it all in stride and her stories reveal the real world of international missions.  From food to culture to the local communities, Erin is writing it all down for her column.  It takes guts to leave everything for another country, especially for the heat of Southeast Asia!

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3 Responses to Our Bloggers Write and Make a Difference in the World

  1. sboniso shabane says:

    its wonderful to see people who are so dedicated to the work of the Lord. keep it up and we pray that God will use you mightily to reach those who are unreached.
    be blessed in Jesus name.

    • Nyack CollegeNyack Christian Higher Education says:

      Thank you for your kind words! We are so very proud of our students and the work they do for the Lord.

  2. sboniso shabane says:

    Jesus is Lord

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