OneThing Conference

I’m excited about being back to school. The last couple weeks have been good. I got to go away for a week for New Years’. I went to Kansas City, MO for the International House of Prayer’s yearly young adult conference called OneThing. It was a real good refreshing time to see old friends and to be rejuvenated in God. The conference was very focused on making Jesus Our Magnificent Obsession. The day of the conference was packed all day with rich teaching and authentic and lively worship. I got to see a few of my old friends from when I used to live there. They really encouraged me in the place of life that I am in now. I am really happy I got to see all those that I saw in KC.

I am glad I’m back at school though. The rest and rejuvenation from the conference really pumped me up for school. I feel this semester is going to be an exciting one. One of not just learning new things, but experiencing them too. That is what learning is about at ATS, it is not just about filling my brain with more information. It is actually fleshing out the theology that I am learning.

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