Nyack College offers $500 off First Online Class for New Students Finishing Their Bachelors

Adult students have busy lives.  We run after kids, pay bills, and try to save for the future.  Most know that a bachelor degree will help them advance in their careers.  But still many wonder if finishing college is worth it and if the “quick and easy”, accelerated programs work.  Our school has helped thousands of working adults achieve their academic goals and has prepared them for better placement in the workplace.  They earn more pay.  They clinch big promotions.

OM program Until April 25, 2014, the college is offering $500 off the online program for new students. Learn more below and mention this article when asking for more information. Some restrictions apply and the grant is only available for new students entering the program for Spring/Summer 2014 .


Is Nyack College’s OM Program for you?

The bachelor degree in organizational management prepares students to hone their skills in the workplace, be it as a teller in a bank or customer service representative at UPS.  It’s a degree that opens doors.  The OM degree is not for everyone but it was tailor made for working parents and career minded individuals with packed schedules.

This degree completion program began in 1989 and we’ve graduated over 3000 students so far.  In March 204, we launched cohort 552.


Bachelor degree completion NyackThe Bachelor’s Degree is Fully Online And…

Students with 60+ credits will finish their degree in one year.  Placed in cohorts, you’ll work online and move through the coursework. Guidance is provided at every step.  Mentors will help you work through the readings and discussions.  To start, all you need is a computer.

So with 60 credits and a one year commitment, how much does this cost?  The online degree is $12,600 that is less than a year’s tuition at a private university and par to a public SUNY school.  Don’t forget to ask about our $500 offer to help you get started!

Don’t have 60 credits to transfer? Speak to our counselors and see how you could still graduate in 16 months.


Don’t Believe the Hype.  Believe the Students.

Our students come from all over the tri-state area and the US.  Hear what they have to say about the program and feel free to ask your questions below or on our information form.

“The course material is challenging and the academic standards are high.” -Michael, Cohort 403

“I would recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to finish his or her college degree.” -Anacleta, Cohort 432

“I could never have imagined getting my bachelor degree in 16 months after being out of school for 15 years!” -Valencia, Cohort 456

Nyack is different and has history behind it.  Founded in 1882, we are an institution with two campuses in Manhattan and Rockland County, New York.  We are an accredited school with over 3200 students, representing 62 countries.  Ask us now for more information about this program and others. 

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Nyack College, through its undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs, pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to ”take the whole Gospel to the whole world.”
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