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Nursing is a profession that combines many different fields including science, math, psychology, communications, and even a little writing. The job will require you to think critically, act quickly, and always be prepared. That being said, the Nursing curriculum at Nyack College is one of the most diverse, yet rigid, curricula out there. You need to take a large variety of classes and apply all of them in your profession.

Aside from the basic liberal arts requirements, you will need to take classes in three main content areas: psychology, science, and nursing.


-General Psychology=This class gives you an overview of the different theories of psychology and important people in the history of psychology.

Human Growth and Development=This class discusses the development of a human from conception to death, focusing on the mental aspects of development.

CTA button for Blog UG-Abnormal Psychology=This class discusses many different types of mental disorders such as mood disorders and personality disorders.


Chemistry=This class is an overview of organic and inorganic chemistry including the periodic table, bonding, and basic molecules and compounds.

Nutrition=This class discusses the basic concepts of a healthy lifestyle, highlighting the important aspects of a healthy diet and the appropriate food choices for all different types of people.

Microbiology=This class focuses on microscopic organisms, spending a lot of time discussing characteristics of different organism classifications and diseases that various organisms cause. It focuses on the impact the microscopic world has on everything around it.

Genetics=This class covers material related to DNA and the human genome.

Anatomy and Physiology=This class covers the structure and function of each organ and organ system in the human body.

Pathophysiology=Rather than focus on the structure and function of a healthy body, this class focuses on the cause and progression of different diseases that affect the human body.


Intro to Nursing=This class introduces you to different nursing theories and basic nursing concepts.

-Foundations in Nursing Practice=This class teaches you the basic skills necessary for nursing and sets the foundation for all of your other nursing knowledge to be built upon.

Health Assessment=This class teaches you how to do a complete physical examination, showing you what are appropriate and inappropriate assessment findings.

-Christian Nurse=This class teaches you how to apply your Christian faith in the field of Nursing. It is a unique class to Nyack and really helps to set the foundation of how to be a Christian in a healthcare setting.

-Med Surg=This is one of the most important nursing classes you will take. It gives an overview of all the different systems of the body, diseases affecting the different systems, and what appropriate nursing practice to care for the diseases would be.

Pharmacology=This class discusses all the different drugs created and how they are used appropriately.

Pediatrics=This class is basically another med surg class, but is focused on nursing treatments for children.

-Maternity=This class teaches about childbirth and care for infants and mothers.

Community Health=This class focuses on nursing outside of the hospital including in clinics, overseas, and in underserved areas.

Mental Health=This class teaches nursing care for those with psychological disorders.

-Evidence for Nursing Practice=This class discusses how to back up your nursing practice with evidence-based research to make sure that you are performing care that has been proven to be the most effective.

-Management and Leadership in Nursing=This class teaches about nursing management and what it means to be in a position of leadership. You discuss policy, career advancement, and how to be an effective manager.

-Transition to Professional Nursing=This class helps to prepare you for the NCLEX and becoming a registered nurse.


If you want to find out more about Nursing classes or Nursing school requirements, you can check out the Nyack Nursing webpage.

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