My Family Vacation in Review

SeaWorldMy family and I just returned from a week-long vacation in Orlando, Florida. We visited theme parks, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and made good use of the resort’s recreational attractions. I was almost unable to join my family on this trip because of my limited vacation days at work, but thankfully I was able to make arrangements with my jobs and take the days off. My family vacation turned out to be the refreshing experience I needed to finish the summer off strong.

My family drove to Orlando, which was a surprisingly stress-less experience. More than twenty hours of driving would cause most people to be irritable and unpleasant, but our group was incredibly flexible and cooperative, and no one complained when things did not go his or her way. This cooperative attitude continued throughout the vacation. The adults took turns looking after the younger children, and everyone was able to do every activity they wanted at the resort.

The resort had a number of recreational facilities and activities, but a few of them held our attention for most of the vacation. My family spent the majority of its leisure time at one of the many pools. The pools had music, activities, small waterfalls, and large crowds of people. I, my mom, my dad, and my middle brother played a few sets of tennis when we wanted to escape the crowded pools. None of us are very good at tennis, so our matches are more comical than graceful. My brother and I also made frequent use of the basketball courts. Playing basketball helped to counteract the negative effects of all the food we ate! The worst of our overeating took place at the theme parks we visited.

Our villa was less than twenty minutes away from Disney Land. We went to Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld; the focus of these excursions was giving my youngest brother and cousin the Disney experience that all of the older children received when they were younger. It was wonderful to see the kids’ eyes light up as they viewed the fireworks behind the castle at Magic Kingdom and watched the dolphins do flips and spins at SeaWorld. I enjoyed the attractions as well; the Space Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom is one of the highlights of my childhood, and it was just as exciting to ride it again as an adult. In spite of my own personal enjoyment, being a part of the children’s Disney experience remained central.

The sun, the enjoyment, and the freedom from everyday responsibilities were very nice for a while. But, by the  end of the week I began to miss home. The routine that I wanted to escape became the thing I missed the most. One of the best parts of a vacation is returning home refreshed and excited to resume your routine.


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