Meet the New NYC Coordinator of Student Activities

Ever wondered who comes up with all the awesome events we have on the Nyack College Manhattan Campus?  Well now you’ll know!

No work is complete without a hot cup of tea in Cezanne's office

No work is complete without a hot cup of tea in Cezanne’s office


Meet Cezanne Perez, our new Coordinator of Student Activities! Cezanne has been working with us since January of 2014 and has been nothing but a blessing to the entire campus. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her in these last few months and I absolutely love her.  Her warmth and bubbly personality brightens the lower level of the school, and her enthusiasm for Nyack College students is evident through the many events she coordinates, all in the name of fun.

But enough from me, check out what she had to say about her new job in a recent interview!

Tryphena: How did you end up at Nyack as the Coordinator of Student Activities?

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Shelby Samuel and Cezanne at theMultiCultural Day celebration at Nyack College Manhattan Campus last semester

Cezanne: The Lord! I had been wanting to leave my job for some time and I had given up on finding a job that I would actually enjoy, so I just settled for one that I would always hate. I had given up on the hope that my dream job existed and started praying and seeking the Lord for a good job. Then my best friend, Malika (former Coordinator of Student Activities of NCMC), came to me and told me that I’d be perfect for this job, and the rest is history.

Tryphena: So I see how you got here, but why did you choose to take this job?

Cezanne: I chose it because I wanted to have a direct impact on someone’s life in a more personal way. I loved college so much that I wanted to bring the things I experienced in college to Nyack. I loved being in a place of prayer and getting to experience a Christian community. I have a whole department here that is always praying for me, and I can’t get that anywhere else. Nyack in and of itself is a very happy community; it’s a joyful place. Everyone here loves what they do; it’s a very family oriented environment. You’re not just a person on a team; you’re part of a family. My love for education and my love for Jesus kind of combined into one here.

Tryphena: So what exactly do you do here?

Cezanne: I get to hang out with students! It’s so fun. I get to know the student body and plan activities. I work for an awesome department called the Office of Student Development. We’re basically the fun department.  We want to make sure that student’s experience at Nyack is the best it can possibly be, whether it be through activities, events, a shoulder to cry on, or a person to pray for you. Basically we’re concerned with your spiritual and academic development. So whatever you need, we’re here for you.

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Cezanne flaunting balloons at our MultiCultural Day celebration

Tryphena: What things would you like to see happen at the Nyack College Manhattan campus?

Cezanne: I would like to see a student body engaged with everything we have to offer. I would like to see every student leave Nyack with a great and enjoyable experience and feel well equipped to take on their calling, whatever that may be. I would like to see a generation empowered to do the will of the Father and not hold back.

Tryphena: What do you like most about working at Nyack?

Cezanne: Besides my amazing view (which I don’t really have), the students! It’s my favorite part of the job. I love getting to know everybody and hearing everyone’s stories. I love coming up with ways to make college more fun and hanging out with everyone as they get to experience college.

Tryphena: What things do you have planned for the upcoming semester?

Cezanne: We have tons of fun things planned! I can’t tell you everything because I don’t want to spoil all the fun, but we have club expo, convocation, game night, workout classes, and countless chapel services full of amazing times of worship and fellowship coming up. Plus all the clubs will be hosting their own events, so check out the calendar (posted on the Life at Nyack page) or follow us on Facebook!

CTA button for Blog UGTryphena: Anything else you want to say to our students?

Cezanne: To those who are new or who are thinking of applying to Nyack College, I look forward to meeting you! To those who are coming back, I can’t wait to see all your lovely faces and I can’t wait to have an awesome Fall semester! Be strong in the Lord!

Come to the lower level (student lounge) of Nyack College Manhattan Campus and say hi to Cezanne as she works to make our Fall semester as great as it can possibly be!

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