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Whether you’re a Business major or not, you probably know that business skills are an integral part of any career. As a Communications major, even I am taking Business Communications this semester. Well, for those at Nyack who have not selected Business as their official field of choice but still want to gain the knowledge and networking skills, there’s the Nyack College NYC Business Club!

The Business Club’s President Juliya Joseph says that, “The Business Club is mostly about networking and bringing Nyack students together. [We’re always thinking about] how we are going to do business as Christians? How are we going to be different?” The Business Club is the pride and joy of the school’s Business Department which in the words of Public Relations Officer Damali Cooper is a “quality degree with a Christian perspective.” They take great delight in being the go-to place for students to gain connections and insight about the business world. I recently attended the “Meet, Eat, and Greet” hosted by the Business Club and got to know their members and their mission a little bit better.
Upon first walking into the room, a cheery “Hey! Welcome!” was sent my way and instantly made me feel comfortable. The vibe of the room was all laughter and smiles (but, of course, that could have had something to do with the pizza and cookies that were promised.) After an icebreaker game, we went around the room saying our names and having the rest of the room respond, “Hey [insert name]. It was actually cute and helped build a camaraderie among the folks in the room.

After the ice breaker and introductions led by Vice President Yanick Dutes, the Club’s Secretary Franklin Zhumi said a few words about the Business Club, who they are, and what they do. He started off his segment by reading their mission statement, which states that: “The Nyack College Business Club is an opportunity for students to network and obtain organizational skills to receive jobs and internships and prepare for the business world in a Christ-centered environment.” He explained that both Business majors and non-Business majors are allowed to join the club regardless of race, gender, or class. The doors are open for anyone looking for internships, jobs, or help saving money. They are here to serve Nyack NYC’s needs, and they hold weekly meetings every Wednesday in the Pavilion from 5:15pm-6pm.

Front to Back: Public Relations Officer Damali Cooper, President Juliya Joseph, and Vice President Yanick Dutes

After Secretary Franklin, the Public Relations officer Damali Cooper took the microphone to explain the Business Club’s upcoming events. Damali began by asserting the ever-growing relevancy of business in the real world and subsequently the relevancy of the Business Club. In the words of Damali, “No matter how you plan to go out into the business world…it’s all business, and that’s why we’re here.” The Business Club recently hosted an event on Organization Structure in a Business with guest speaker Shawn Roseburgh. The engagement went into detail about levels of management in a business and what responsibilities each management position entails. More upcoming events include:

  1. Financial Aid Help and Information workshop
  2. Resume and Interview workshop
  3. Entrepreneurship and Networking workshop
  4. Financing, Budgeting, and Stock Market workshop

Students enjoying the pizza! (along with our Dean of Students, Dean Hammond)

After the meeting concluded, the “eat” part of “Meet, Eat, and Greet” commenced. Pizza, and cookies, and drinks! Oh, my! The pizza was being served by Vice President Yanick and Treasurer Omar Tlapanco. It was a great time of food and fellowship for the rest of the hour.

Nyack College Business Club is an opportunity for students to network and obtain organizational skills to receive jobs and internships and prepare for the business world in a Christ-centered environment. So if any Nyack NYC student feels the need to use any of the resources from the Business Club, feel free! It’s the perfect space to network with the right people and make beneficial connections. They’re positive, resourceful, have an open door policy, and are always here to help!

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I am a Communications major at Nyack College's Manhattan campus. I love reading, eating, watching movies, and then eating some more. I'm excited to be a light to those around me using the gifts God has given me.
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