Meet Bridgett. New Student and the Best Selfie 2014 Winner!

new student to rockland campusBridgett is an incoming freshman from Upstate NY (waaay upstate). I caught up with Bridgett a couple days ago to let her know she won our #NyackNation Warrior Selfie competition (Check out her sweet entry below).


So Bridgett- how did you hear about Nyack College?

Well, God brought me to Nyack College. J All my life I was planning on going to another Bible school- but I visited and it didn’t click. I searched for other colleges in New York State and the vision of Nyack really stuck with me. I visited the campus and LOVED it!

What led you to come here and how do you see God leading you throughout your education at Nyack?

Well, I became a Christian as a teenager, and the rest of my family became Christians after me. I knew that I wanted an education in a place where I would be surrounded by believers, and have my friends also seeking after God.

college ministry trip nicaraguaI have had the opportunity to go on several ministry trips to Nicaragua and those experiences changed my life. I loved the people there, learning and sharing together.  I really enjoyed my time there, and would love to see myself returning- for short term trips, or on a long term basis.

God really has given me a heart for Marriages and Families. I want to encourage people in God’s design for the family and I am going to study psychology to help me understand it more and more. It is very important to have that foundation in faith and apply it to your career.

How have you prepared for starting at Nyack College over the summer and what still needs to be done?

Wow. I have had a busy summer- helping with VBS (Vacation Bible School) at church, taking a trip to Nicaragua, babysitting. But even in the busy-ness, one thing that I have really focused on is learning to be satisfied in the Lord and learning more about Him.

Hmmm….I still need to order some books from the bookstore. I already have my Old Testament textbook. I need to get odds and ends, like a mattress cover? I don’t know! Also, I am realizing how much STUFF I do have- I don’t really NEED anything.

What inspired you to post a picture of you with head full of curlers? That is quite the 1st impression!

best selfie winner nyack collegeI love doing myself up! I also sell Mary Kay so this is part of my life, getting ready and drinking coffee J I believe that when you take pride in your appearances, you put your best foot forward. And I love embracing my girly side!


Anything else you want to leave us with before we see you on Sunday?!

At this point, I am so satisfied in Christ and I know that when the waves rise, I can trust in the Lord. It is not dependent on circumstances, but a sweet place of surrender.


What an impressive young woman!

Bridgett, it is really evident how much you desire to seek after the Lord, and use your natural gifts to grow and help others. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to direct you in the psychology department- and you will learn more about yourself and how God has made you.

Welcome Miss Bridgett! Nyack is truly blessed to have you.

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Nyack College, through its undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs, pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to ”take the whole Gospel to the whole world.”
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2 Responses to Meet Bridgett. New Student and the Best Selfie 2014 Winner!

  1. Stella Hamilton says:

    You guys are so blessed to have her at your college. Working with her through a youth group encouraged me a ton with her heart for The Lord. People wanted to pour into her, but she was already on fire pouring into others. I can only imagine the impact she is going to have here! Good luck Bridgett!!! We’ll be praying for you! Can’t wait to see what goes does in and through you!

    • Nyack CollegeNyack Christian Higher Education says:

      What beautiful words! We are looking forward to having Bridgett at Nyack and know she will be such an amazing part of our community!

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