Lent Devotions Day 7: “The Surprise Gift”

“The Surprise Gift”

by Sarah Samson, Coordinator of Student Activities


Mark 12:13-44 –  http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark%2012:13-44&version=NIV


“Curtain!” The final play had ended with the calling of the curtain. It is a silly way to end a play but when you don’t have a curtain you just ask people to imagine a curtain.  The cast left the stage, and walk back to their green room. They took a deep breath and began to pack up their things.  Just then a little girl come running in, “That was amazing, the bestest thing in the whole wide world. Can you do it again?” The cast members looks at the little girl no more than 5 years old and kneels down in front of her.  Taking the bouncing little girls hands in her own she looks her in the eyes and says “Not tonight, but we are going to come to your house for dinner, and we will do a special play just for you, and you can even help us? Would you like that.” The little girl’s eyes open wide with excitement and anticipation, “Really?” she whispered. The cast member nodded.

That night around the dinner table, with the little girl sitting between two cast members, a conversation was started about why the cast has given of their time todo this.  While it was a very adult conversation the little girl tried listen just as her parents had taught her. When the cast member sitting next to her the one with the kind eyes, who promised a play that she could be in began to speak.  While this woman said many things there was one that stuck out, she said “because I love God, with all my heart, and doing this helps others to know how to love Him.”  The conversation turned to other things and the little girl got distracted.

That night the play they did just for her was amazing. Never before had the little girls had so much fun.  However the fun had to end, as the cast members were saying their goodbyes they realized the little girl had run off.  The cast members were saddened to not see her to say goodbye but her parents explained that sometimes goodbyes were just too hard.  The cast loaded up in their vans and were about to pull out of the drive way, the door to the house flew open and the little girl came running out of the house with a gift bag, yelling “wait, wait, wait you can’t leave yet.” A cast member opened the door and the little girl said please don’t open it until you get to your next house.

When the cast arrived at the next location they had all but just about forgotten about the gift.  In a few quiet moments the cast member with the nice eyes went to get the gift bag.  She brought the bag back stage and opened it.  The bottom was covered with pennies, nickels and a few dimes. There was a note written in crayon saying, this is my piggy bank, I want you to do more plays so more people will love Jesus.  It was clear she didn’t have much but she gave all that she did have.


what now?

We know that Jesus gave all he had, he paid the price for our sins.  In the passage Jesus talks about people who walk around looking the part but are lacking the heart, and he talked about his greatest commandment. So the question is …what is he asking you to do? What price is He asking you to pay to love Him with all your heart soul, and mind?

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