Lent Devotions Day 4: “Lord Make Me Bankrupt”

“Lord, Make Me Bankrupt”

by Rohan Thompton, ATS Graduate Intern


“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:3


I’ve read this verse over and over again for years but never truly understood what it meant to be poor in spirit or even why we needed to be poor in spirit. After all, to be poor is a negative or somewhat of a derogatory word. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be poor? In fact, in all of our efforts to not be poor we attend school to better educate ourselves so we can get great jobs and not be poor. A poor person has little or NOTHING. They are often very DEPENDENT on a system or others’ acts of kindness and charitable deeds in order to survive. And that’s precisely it. That is exactly how The Lord wants us to be in our spirit. He wants us to be so broke that we will see Him as our only source of survival; that we will be in constant dependence on his acts of kindness, love, mercy and grace in order for us to make it through each day. I’ve learned that a person’s need will always drive them to seek satisfaction and very rarely will they stop until that need is satisfied or fulfilled.

The poorer we are, the more the need to no longer be poor will drive us to the only source that can feed us until we want no more. It is so much easier now to understand why Jesus was always extending himself to the poor, the orphans, the destitute and the widows. Since He wouldn’t walk by the actual poor without helping them, this is how I know that He will not walk by those of us who are poor in spirit. Herein lies the reason to pray for a bankrupt spirit. The emptier we are the more space God will have to work with and the more space we will have to receive what God desires to fill us up with.

what now?

“Lord, I know the world’s idea of being poor doesn’t match up with yours so help me not to be conformed to the thinking of the world, but instead help me to be transformed by what your word says. Help me to lay all my pride aside and be humble enough to be weak and destitute before you. For only when I am weak can you show yourself to be strong in my life, Amen!”

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