Lent Devotions Day 32: “Smoke”


by Rafael Lara, Worship Ministries Coordinator


“After this Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias, and he revealed himself in this way.” – John 21:1 ESV

This week, much of the world was drawn to their television sets and smartphone devices. Whether Catholic, Christian, Atheist or Muslim, many were waiting for the smoke to exit the chimney of the Sistene Chapel, announcing whether or not a new pope had been selected at the Conclave.  On the second day, white smoke emerged, and an hour later the official announcement, “Habemus Papam.”

There’s something to be said about the long-standing tradition of the white smoke signaling to the people that the [Catholic believer’s] holy one had been appointed.  It was their way of revealing the news.  In the hour that it took for Pope Francis to emerge from inside, while not knowing who the pope was, everyone knew that he was there.  There was no more need to look for smoke.

Sadly, we’re not the same when it comes to Jesus.  The passage above was not the first time that Christ had appeared to the disciples post-resurrection.  This happens after the well-known “doubting Thomas” passage.

Jesus had just defeated death, already appeared to them, and yet he appears to them again.

what now?

God defeated something on your behalf.  God told you something.  God is leading you somewhere.  And yet, while he has revealed himself to you time and time again, you still wander looking for more white smoke.  Ask the Lord the places in your life in which he has evidently spoken / worked / guided.  Are you doubting it’s Him?  Are you still looking around for what He has already revealed?  Stop looking and start celebrating.  Jesus defeated death.  He is here.

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