Leap of Faith

New YearsI have never been a big fan of clichés, but sometimes they are very fitting for my situation. The phrase “leap of faith” applies to my life in a few different ways for the new year. I am taking a lot of big new steps in 2014 that require a good amount of risk and faith. When I think of this phrase I imagine myself standing on a ledge with another ledge in front of me and a chasm in between. The chasm seems slightly too wide to jump across, but on the other ledge is an opportunity that will bring me success. If I do not leap, I will remain stagnant in a situation that I have outgrown. My resolution for 2014 is to leap over every chasm to the opportunities that God has set on the ledge in front of me.

The first leap of faith that I will have to take this year is transitioning between jobs. Until now my main concern in deciding on a job was getting a paycheck. Although payment is still important to me, it is no longer my main concern. I have realized that when looking for a job I need to look for opportunities that work toward my career path and toward God’s calling for my life. I do not yet know what that will look like, but I know that it will require transitioning out of my current job at a doctor’s office. I have enjoyed my time working there and it has taught me many important lessons, but I feel that my time there is through. It will take faith to leave a comfortable job situation, but I am looking forward to exploring new opportunities.

The next leap of faith for me will come after graduation. Transitioning between undergraduate and graduate school can seem like a scary thing because of the uncertainty involved; the chasm seems wide in this situation. The finances, stress factors, and time management involved with moving to a new place and taking on a new educational endeavor might seem daunting, but once I leap the chasm will start to seem smaller and smaller.

The last major leap of 2014 will be getting married. I will be getting married soon after graduation, and this will be a major change in my life. I am confident and excited about marriage, but I realize that it will take hard work and commitment to make our marriage successful. Marriage requires a leaping over the chasm of doubt and uncertainty onto the ledge of love and commitment. I am ready to take this leap of faith.

One thing that 2013 taught me is that when God calls me to something, it will usually require a leap of faith. Many opportunities that I took this year did not seem absolutely certain to be successful, but these opportunities would not wait for me while I was uncertain. Whenever I leaped for a good opportunity, I either found success or learned valuable lessons in failure. Whenever I was hesitant, the opportunity passed me by. This year I plan on taking all of the leaps of faith that offer opportunities for me to succeed.

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