It’s Good to be Home from College

10292278_635651966527584_1331478880918292739_nWhen my friends are searching for a positive outlook on a situation, they often seek me out. I’m not sure why I have such a knack for finding silver linings, but it is definitely more of a blessing than a curse.

The most recent situation that has begged for a silver lining, was the re-location from college to home. College life has a way of sucking you in. When I first got to college freshman year, it felt like summer camp to me in the way that I viewed college as temporary. I lived from break to break, and never let myself really settle in. But, eventually, you get moved in to your dorm room, comfortable with your roommate, you meet new people, develop your own hangout spots, and all of a sudden, college feels like home. Suddenly, while out with your friends, you find yourself asking, “do you guys want to go home?” And by ‘home’ you mean ‘Simpson Dorm’.

CTA button for Blog UGThis is all well and good until summer hits. Finally, you’ve gotten into a routine, gotten super close with people from all over the country, and then you have to move out, and bid your new home “adieu”. For me, this time of the year comes with a lot of mixed feelings. I love being home, and look forward to getting into the swing of my summer jobs again, but having just finished my sophomore year, I have more to miss than ever before.

I already miss my amazing friends and the adventures we take together. I miss the Hudson River and the Piermont Pier. And, I miss living right across the street from my boyfriend.

photo (28)But I’m the person who finds the positive in seemingly gloomy situations! The way I see it, is that God has blessed me with more than one place to call home. At the end of the summer, I know I’ll be sad to leave my family, church, and friends in small-town Pennsylvania. So, I consider myself blessed to have people to miss; both at home, and at school. A poster I recently got from To Write Love On Her Arms reminds me that people need other people. Though I miss my friends, and I will soon be missing my parents, I need these people in my life. I am so fortunate to have people who I love and who love me in return– people who are so important to me, that I miss them.

So I intend to use this summer for all it’s worth. I want to invest in people here at home, while maintaining my relationships with friends from Nyack. Who’s with me?

Jennifer Cook

About Jennifer Cook

I am a senior at Nyack College Rockland campus. I'm a business major currently doing graphic design, web development, and marketing for a small salon in downtown Nyack. I love travel, reading, writing, beauty, and design. Connect with Jennifer on Google+
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