Irene: Bane for Some, Blessing for Others

What are some of the inconveniences of having a hurricane in the busiest city in existence? Property loss. Death and other injuries. Progress grounding to a halt. Being grounded by the weather and forced to stay home.

It turned out that the last “inconvenient” wasn’t so bad after all, at least for me and my family. The hurricane canceled my morning meeting and all-day registration solicitation for an upcoming event (more about that later), but it also left me with my family all day for the first time since I can remember.

My brother and I beat Portal 2 during Hurricane Irene

On Saturday, I ate lunch with my family (unheard of!), hung out with my little sister, and played video games with my little brother, including Portal 2. We had a great time, and I also went to bed at a decent hour.

Not a bad way to spend a hurricane, huh?

About Lelio

Hometown: Queens, NY. Year: Senior. Major: Business Administration. Other positions at Nyack College: Vice President, Nyack College Business Club, and Vice President, Student Government Association.

Ever had the feeling that a decision or phase in your life was just meant to be? Nyack College, although not my first college choice, fits this description perfectly; in hindsight, coming to this school is just one of the many “best-decision-of-my-life” outcomes I can’t take credit for. I’ve been afforded the chance to take my academics to new levels with the leadership and inspiration from certain professors, network with fellow Christians learning and participating in the field of business,help found and maintain a club, and now, blog to my fellow Nyack College students! I plan to bring quality, thought-provoking articles to the table while having a lot of fun.

My experiences have left me convinced that without God, my life would be nothing but either a nice collection of mantras and fine-tuned ideologies or a sad statistic. With this in mind, I involve my Creator in every aspect of my life—including this blog. Happy reading!

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