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Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t really know me, I thought I’d give you a little back ground on myself and my thoughts on the Nyack School of Nursing. 🙂 My name is Tahira Abdullah. I am 21 years old, and I grew up here in Rockland County with my parents and two brothers. I am a junior in the Nursing program, making me part of the first graduating class of Cheryl Phenience School of Nursing.

To be honest—I initially had some reservations about studying nursing here.  I felt nervous knowing that it is a new program and that I am one of the “guinea pigs-” so to say. However, I must say that I do not regret my decision at all. I say this because; I believe that the best thing about Nyack is the integration of faith in Jesus Christ into the study of future professional careers. At Nyack College, I am learning how to be Jesus in the field of Nursing. I have been challenged to analyze my own walk with Christ – so that I can better serve others and be a true representation of Jesus. Earlier this year, I went to Boston for an interview at Massachusetts General Hospital. This interview was for the Carol A Gilhoni Nursing Oncology Fellowship. During my interview, they asked me about Nyack College. As I explained to them that it is a Private Christian College that just started a Nursing Program – they were very intrigued. They were very interested in hearing about a place that incorporated faith into Nursing. Furthermore, I was recently hired at Nyack Hospital as a Patient Care Associate (a nurse’s assistant). I later learned that another Nyack Nursing Student, Angelica Perez, and I were the only two PCA’s that were hired this month to go through training. I know that this is God leading our steps. He is already starting to open the doors for us to go into the community – and apply the principles we have learned here- at Nyack College. In the future, I imagine myself as a nurse in the Maternity Department or Pediatrics. When I get there – I know I will be bringing the mark of Christ to my work place – to my ministry.

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BS Nursing student at Nyack College
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