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I should probably introduce myself before I boombard you with my thoughts about how great of a school Nyack College is . So here goes.

My name is Alicia Elizabeth Acevedo. I am 22 yrs old. I have a fabolous boyfriend named Peter. I am the oldest of 5 beautiful siblings. My background is Haitian & Puerto Rican. I dont speak spanish but mwen pale kreyòl. I attend Nyack NYC as a undergrad- studying business adminstration. I live in Brooklyn. I currently serve as the SGA Secratary for the 2012-2013 school year. I have a full time job which I greatly appreciate in this economy but as you can imagine I also attend school full time. I am or atleast trying to be extremely active at Nyack NYC. I like to overeducate myself about anything that is in front of me. I read ALOT. I love to help people. Serving in anyway that I can. I have a funny style of writing which includes lots of dashes no periods but I am working on that. And saving the best for last – I love God and all that He has done for me but more because He didnt have to save me from myself but He saw fit and for that I am ever so grateful. With that being said day by day I am learning to submit to His authority and His alone. only JESUS SAVES !


–until we meet again :) love God. love life. love others. love nyack. love yourself.


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