How to Stay Sane in College

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College is busy. So many different things are constantly vying for your attention and pulling you in different directions. New friends, weekend plans, your family at home, jobs, assignments, piles of books to read, roommates, chapel, small groups, ministries, and all this with minimum sleep. I don’t mean to say this to scare anyone off, but this is just the reality of a busy college student’s life. I am not going to claim to be an expert in the area of managing time and priorities, but I have experienced many hurried times. I have had time of excellent sanity and times where I am running around like a mad woman full of anxiety and responsibility. So do any of us stand a chance of keeping our sanity in our college years? I do not know the answer to this question, but perhaps that’s part of the learning experience. In college you’re getting your first taste of ‘real life’, and learning to juggle life and all its requirements. We live, learn, and come out stronger and more whole people at the end I believe. But, until we get there here are some tips I have gathered from my friends and personal experience that generally encourage keeping one’s sanity:

1. Go to class!

2. Keep open dialogue with professors, they are their to teach and help.

3. Make friends in your department.

4. Know when to get away from campus and take breaks.

5. Find a stress reliever ie. yoga, journaling, piano, running.

6. Stay in contact with family and friends at home.

7. Do homework immediately.

8. Have some nights off for friends and roommates.

9. Make time for devos and quiet time.

10. Find a home church at Nyack.

11. Sleep!

12. Eat your fruits and veggies, and generally aim to keep your body healthy.

13. Get an accountability partner or mentor.

14. Work in order to not be left with paralyzing debt.

15. Attend some of the many events on campus from dodge ball to salsa dancing to movie premiers.

16. Pay attention and glean wisdom from chapel speakers.

17. Get involved in some kind of outreach whether on or off campus.

18. Try new things! Eat Ethiopian food, start blogging, do slack-line.

19. Hike in any of the amazingly, beautiful, wooded areas in Rockland County.

20. And when all else fails always call your mom!

These were just a few suggestions that I hope can aid you in your sanity and just make your college experience fun and filled with little stress. Good luck and god Bless!

Erin Fox

About Erin Fox

Hey! I'm Erin Fox and I am a junior at Nyack College. I'm just a Midwest girl who made the move to the East coast and loves every minute of it. My major is Inter-cultural studies with a minor in Spanish and Bible. After college I plan on moving to the mission field and sharing the love of Jesus while helping and loving his people all along the way. I love Nyack and know that with each day it is equipping me more and more to do God's work throughout the world.
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