How to Get a Nursing Internship

Over winter break there is a lot of free time to relax and hang out with friends. Break is also a great time to start looking for and apply to internships. Since I am junior nursing student, I have been researching nursing internships a lot lately and have found many different opportunities for this summer.


Internships not only give you a way to make some money over the summer, they also give you an opportunity to practice your nursing skills. They will help you to become accustomed to a hospital and often you will be paired with one nurse so you will be able to get a feel for what a typical day would actually feel like. Internships help you to gain valuable experience, teaching, and guidance. On top of this, an internship will look great on your resume when you go to apply for jobs after you graduate. You might even be able to make connections in the hospital you are working at giving you an opportunity to be hired there.

Most internships that you will find are for nursing students between their junior and senior years. You must have completed Med Surg I and be in good academic standing at the school. Often you will be asked for references and a resume, so it is good to have those prepared. You might even have to go to the hospital for an interview, so it is good to make sure you are available when the hospital will be making these appointments.

CTA button for Blog UGYou can be almost certain to find an internship at some hospital in your area. If not, there are many internships across the country that have apartments or dorms you can rent for very cheap. To find internships, I suggest you call the hospitals in your area or look on their webpages to see what they offer. If you are staying near campus during break, Nyack Hospital offers an internship. Here are a few other webpages I found that list internships across the country:

Intern Match =

University of Pennsylvania Career Services=                            

If you are not a junior or if you can’t find an internship that works for you, I suggest looking into jobs as a CNA, PCA, or tech. Every hospital has these jobs and most will offer them to nursing students over the summer. You might even have the chance to continue working part-time over the school year. With these jobs you will be assisting nurses, have patient contact, and gain more experience in the healthcare field.

Working in the healthcare field over the summer is a great way to expand your experience and increase your knowledge and skills. Whatever internship you choose and wherever you choose to do it, you will be furthering your education, growing as a student, and preparing for your future.

Lauren Lebo

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I am a junior at Nyack College studying Nursing with a minor in Spanish. I am originally from Connecticut but am now living on the Rockland Campus. I also play lacrosse for Nyack and am very excited for the upcoming season. I love to run, play sports, cook, travel, and make everything in life an adventure!
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