How to Find God’s Peace Part 1

It’s not monsoon season in New York. We have no tornadoes, and there are no storm watches. And even though the cold weather and the warm weather can’t seem to come to a mutual decision about who should be in the forefront this April, we can’t complain too much about our weather situation.

But say we did have crazy weather. Say a storm warning was in play. Then they said on the news that a tornado was heading our way. Then that storm warning turned into a storm watch. Then the waves started getting big and crashing up on the shore, and people were saying a hurricane was coming. (This isn’t supposed to be realistic, so just bare with me.) People would be going pretty crazy if all that stuff was going on. In fact, they would probably be losing their minds. There would be no peace. Now imagine if you had peace in spite of all that was going on. In spite of the warnings on the television. In spite of your friends going crazy. In spite of all the danger your physical eyes can see, you have an inner peace. As unfathomable as this might seem, this is the peace we need to operate under.

School is winding down and the workloads are picking up. It’s crunch time, and sometimes during crunch time everything else decides to fall apart. Your family starts having drama, two of your best friends decide to stop talking to each other, your professors think it’s cool to give you an 8 page paper, and your job decides to keep you late every night. That point where it feels like all your responsibilities have piled up on top of each other and settled themselves on your shoulders is enough to drive you insane. In order to deal with the inevitable stress, you can see how an otherworldly kind of peace is needed, right?

imageIn my College Writing 2 class yesterday, we did a warm up exercise to begin the class. The professor had us write down a word that explained either how we were feeling at that moment, how we felt about the semester, or how we felt about our life in general. Then we had to create an acrostic using that word, and the words in the acrostic had to describe our feelings in further detail. A couple people in my class had more uplifting words like hope and happiness, but others had words like stress, overwhelmed, and distracted. Then they proceeded to explain how even though so much was going on in their lives and at times they felt overwhelmed, they were grateful to God for the opportunity to go to school and to do the things they do.

I’m sure a lot of people feel this way. Despite the craziness of their schedules, they’re happy to be where God wants them to be and doing what God wants them to do. But in order to keep being the lights we’re supposed to be in this world, we can’t let the world and all our responsibilities distract us. We need to navigate through the mess we encounter on a daily basis and succumb to God’s peace. If we let it rule our lives, the craziness becomes a lot easier to handle.

Jamilah Felix

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I am a Communications major at Nyack College's Manhattan campus. I love reading, eating, watching movies, and then eating some more. I'm excited to be a light to those around me using the gifts God has given me.
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