How to become a Licensed Counselor with Christian Principles

Want to be a professional, licensed counselor? Maybe you have your own practice or are a student looking to have a Christian perspective integrated into your educational curriculum?

Our admissions director (far right) with NYC Counseling students on exam day!

Our admissions director (far right) with NYC Counseling students on exam day!

Well that’s what we’re doing here at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling (AGSC). This innovative program was designed to allow Christians to be professional counselors with the option to work in a faith-based environment.  By joining an integrated graduate program, you will be able to work in organizations such as social service agencies, private practices, and hospitals as well as churches, church counseling centers, and Christian non-profits.

Faith and Culture at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling

Nyack College was founded in 1882, by Dr. A.B. Simpson. He had a vision to rise up cultural leaders that would be influential throughout the world for Jesus so he planted the institution in the heart of New York City.

Exactly 100 years later, Dr. Ellison was a psychologist working in the field and teaching pastors how to counsel at Nyack’s Alliance Theological Seminary.  Our founder, Dr. Craig Ellison had a vision that no one else had at the time, and not many have had since.  He questioned why Christian counselors and professional counselors had to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. His vision was to build up professional Christian counselors that would be doing great work in the field (publishing research, being the best counselors in their specialty, etc.) all for the glory of Christ, and that’s exactly what he did. He developed not only a fantastic program, but also a Psychospiritual Model of Counseling. There are only a handful of these programs in the country that integrate the principles of psychology and theology, and I am so thankful that Nyack College’s Alliance Graduate School of Counseling is one of them.

AGSC CTA buttonSo how do you become a licensed counselor here in the tri-state area?

Once you have completed the degree at Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, you can sit for the state licensing exam.AGSC generally hosts the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) and the National Counseling Examination (NCE) exam on campus each year.

The NCE is a state licensing test, used in about 40 states (NJ, PA, CT, OH, VT, TX, GA, NC, etc.) to certify counselors as Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) or Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).  You will also qualify to take the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) for your NY state license after graduation.  Depending on each state, you also must work in the field for a specific number of supervised hours before your permitted-license becomes your own!

The Mental Health Counseling degree specifically will allow you to work in social service agencies, hospitals, counseling centers, churches, crisis centers, Christian health care centers, residential counseling, hospice counseling, life coaching centers, as career counselors, and as private clinicians. Many times Licensed Mental Health Counselors are promoted to managers, directors, or leaders in their organization as well.

As Christians, we should be the best at what we do, and how great would it be to influence the world for Christ through our excellence as clinicians?




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